The Sims 4 Create A Sim Demo – MAKING ENTOAN Part 1

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20 Responses

  1. Lauren Downey says:

    the only thing I want to know is why do you go by Entoan?
    also sorry if its asked a lot/ if you’ve answered it before c:

  2. CollegeBaby17 says:

    So your name is Gunner Gumm? I love it!

  3. ROXXY Blade says:

    The skull shirt looks like Lord Death from Soul Eater.

  4. TheJavaJoJo says:

    I swear, the best thing about Sims for me is creating the characters.
    That’s like, my bread and buttah~

    And also awesome to see a Youtuber enjoying Sims, was the first videogame I
    ever really got into!

  5. Rui IsSleepingWithSirens says:

    It would be interesting if the game let you somehow copy and paste a image
    onto your character for a tattoo. 😛 Because I actually have a tattoo and
    it would be neat to put what I have on my own character. Because I highly
    doubt they would have a Black Veil Brides tattoo on here. XD 

  6. Jenna Vandervort says:

    How does it feel being attractive???

  7. The Awsomeness Channel says:

    Yay your playing sims 4

  8. Kirstin Rose says:

    That is 100% you haha xD, I can’t wait til you play it 🙂 I quite like your
    sims haha :3 it’s so awesome :P

  9. silver5606 says:

    I don’t know why, but watching this made me want to know how tall you are.

  10. coolsmile2 says:

    Gunner Gumm is an amazing name honestly. Where did Entoan come from though?
    Sorry if it is obvious or has been previously said.

  11. Brady Motionless says:

    How old are you? I honestly don’t know

  12. WiseUpLaura says:

    They need to make more hair styles!

  13. EntoanThePack says:
  14. Raine Cloud says:

    I see you’re impressed by some of the features in the Create A Sim.
    Obviously someone didn’t watch all the tutorials on Swagger.

  15. xXredificationXx says:

    It looked pretty accurate.

  16. haley hulec says:

    what bands do u like

  17. Gravuun Lok says:

    Ahh your name is Gunner Gumm? That’s such a cool name x3

  18. Omega-Xis says:

    Looked like gassymexican for the first half

  19. Violetmexicanrose says:

    Wow your sim is pretty accurate, minus the facial hair tho hah. 

  20. Seth Landberg says:

    This has facecam? why?

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