The Sims 4: Cow Plant Love – Weirder Stories Official Trailer

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20 Responses

  1. Sims3kaizoku says:

    I’m a family simmer so I hate the fact that there won’t be toddlers, one of
    my fave life stages (but I dislike babies and could care less for pools).
    In reality no matter how much I or any other simmer complains, it’s not
    going to change anything and we are all still going to buy the game LoL

  2. 74123awsome says:

    Ea you dissapoint me in 2005-2014 all the sims franchise looks cartoonie
    except the sims 1 .The sims 1 doesnt look cartoonie and have realism , im
    really dissapointed .I dont say i hate it.Buuuut just the graphics.. I will
    give it a try though when it releases.

  3. Volt Gamer says:

    I want my sims game to be realistic not weird but I guess it works :/

  4. PandaLeeGames says:

    That “German” accent sounds like one you give to cartoon characters or porn

  5. ChapterRaptor says:

    Hoping for more longer gameplay videos soon. :)

  6. ღ Rainbow Music ღ says:

    Sincerely, the Sims 4, does not look as thrilling, as the Sims 3, did.
    Hopefully, they’ll add better stuff, to make up, for taking out the good
    stuff. The only good thing is, it’s easier, to make houses, the characters,
    etc. Hopefully, the Sims 5, is ALOT better, then the Sims 4. The Sims 5,
    should include, some things the Sims 3 had. cx

  7. Nel Vela says:

    lol im not buying a sims game that doesnt have babies or pools on it EA
    just wants to suck the money out of me and thats not right 

  8. Carilia says:

    Can everyone PLEASE shut up about there being no pools and toddlers?
    Seriously, if you’re just coming to this video to complain, then you
    obviously have way too much time on your hands. 

  9. lilysiegel123 says:

    Feed me Seymour!

  10. Thiago Rain says:

    Please Simulation life without babies is not simulation LIFE ;-;

  11. Bells Castillo says:

    I’m a girl but I always wished that every Sim had ONE true love in the game
    and you would have to find them or never find them. I also wish there were
    strippers, one night stands and teen pregnancy. It’s weird because in real
    life I’ve had a boyfriend for 4 years but my Sims are always a bunch of
    sluts with different daddy’s lol.

  12. BeatlesandWebkinz says:

    Guys. I think you need to give that pools and toddlers thing a break. If
    you don’t like it, don’t get the game. Problem solved. Stop yelling in the
    comments because us who are excited for the game don’t give a fuck.

  13. MellosSims says:

    Ned need no cow plant,
    Ned need woman. 

  14. India Hamilton says:

    I bet 1000x more people would prefer toddlers and swimming pools to
    cowplants..just sayin

  15. Mary C.T.P. says:

    I love that you have to grow a Cowplant! The baby/tiny/seedling Cowplant
    looks so cute :3

  16. Rosa Kytölä says:

    So you don’t need to buy the cowplant u can just grow it? Atleast that what
    i understanded. Sorry for my terrible English.

  17. LucasWiller3 says:

    Oh yay a racist cowplant that only eats Germans LMAO. BTW I hope this
    cowplant is gonna be better than the one in the Sims 3 that kept barfing
    after eating sims.. I never got that freakin’ milk.

  18. Mackspot says:

    Till when with these kind of stuff, with childish and cheesy attitudes? I
    want an M or AO for The Sims 5.

  19. karaknowshowtovlog says:

    I’m more upset about the fact that they’re not releasing it on pc and mac
    like they did with the sims 3.

  20. A Sim Fan says:

    Ugh, I think these videos are trying to be a distraction so people can stop
    complaining about missing features. EA, your cringe worthy videos won’t
    change my mind :3

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