The Sims 4: Build Mode Official Gameplay Trailer

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49 Responses

  1. uzi978 says:

    How about a release date? Already been pushed back from Spring to Fall…
    still not ready??

  2. Sara LaMothe says:

    Wow…I’m impressed!

  3. dutchsouthernrockfan says:

    will there be a pre-made dick shaped house?

  4. anonemuss93 says:

    I’ve noticed there are no religious affiliations in the game; no ability to
    go to a church or a mosque, no turbans or yamakas or crucifixes. What

  5. Eloxiel says:

    the grass, trees, rocks and plants look faded and oxidized. kinda reminds
    me of a easter candy box for .99cents. I guess this is next gen graphics
    for the sims? I wonder if EA will every create a really kick azz looking
    sims world that looks more realistic with a massive open world to explore.
    S4 looks like an iphone app after watching this vid not saying it looks bad
    it just looks like a step backwards graphics wise win 95/98?

  6. Ataman Görür says:

    Yeterince basit. Mortimer Goth ve Bella hÂl vaar.
    Off şimdi çıksa ne olacak ki??

  7. rilesXwifX stiles says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m excited for the weddings xD

  8. SofeeSims -x says:

    This looks great! I’m so excited to try it out 🙂 Especially with the
    different height options! 

  9. Anjoli Strong says:

    Is there expansion packs

  10. Unhappyandme says:

    Holy poop! If I had the money to spend on this…

  11. JaZmyn Shambley says:

    If I pre-order and ask for shipping, will they ship it to me on September
    2nd or on a later date?

  12. Kitty Kat says:

    I can’t believe they got rid of pools >:(

  13. JessMC says:

    Am I The Only One Excited All I’m Seeing Is Negative In a The Comments

  14. antiHUMANDesigns says:

    3 floors maximum, still?

  15. Kim Santing says:

    I did just Read some comments. Why there aren’t toddlers anymore? Aren’t
    there Baby’s? What if they would have kids? Can u still controle the
    baby’s? And they just jump from babys into kids??? 

  16. Boogster Su says:

    I think when I was the Mayor of my SimCity, I accidentally passed a law
    banning all swimming pools in all residences. My Sims were definitely not
    happy about that.

    And that’s how house building in Sims 4 came into effect. The end.

  17. firefight626 says:

    I have a question, does this game work on windows 7? People has been saying
    to me it’s not, so I want to make sure.

  18. howard gordo says:

    wow its looks fab. when is it coming out.

  19. Cordelia Pierce says:

    Not to sound like a geek but I am literally so so so frickin excited for
    the sims 4 not that I don’t love any of the other sims games it just looks
    so much more in tact obviously because it’s the newest and all i just can’t
    wait to get it and play I am like freaking out now so I am gonna shut up

  20. FLExteriorCleaning says:

    Serious question: Is it at all possible to use Sims House Building in order
    to develop and design real world houses that could be built for personal
    use? Or would the structural integrity be too unrealistic? Thanks for any

  21. Kiittisak Orikano says:

    THE SIMS 4 expansion: party pool 5.99 $
    THE SIMS 4 expansion: happy to be parent 5.99 $

  22. Yuuna says:

    I am probably one of the few people who is exited for this. I love the new
    style of the Sims, personally I think it looks better. I just think a game
    shouldn’t look too realistic and I’m glad they gave the Sims that
    cartoonish style. It looks great. I love the new CAS. I haven’t played the
    demo yet but I like the fact that we finally have a ‘no-background’
    background. It always annoyed me, that there was something in the back. Im
    also really exited to test the new way to make a Sim. I think the new
    building mode is cool too! The only thing I don’t get are the emotions? I
    don’t know how this should work, sounds rather strange to me. But I love
    that they choose to not make a open world. I loved this in Sims 2 and I
    couldn’t even play Sims 3 because of the open world sometimes. But I hate
    the fact that there are no toddlers, like what the fuck? Huge
    disappointment. I can live without pools but come on. Why? Thats super
    basic stuff you shouldn’t just remove. But I will buy the game anyways I
    just love Sims! 

  23. XUrbanSimsX says:

    Not going to lie. Photos do not do this game justice, for it looks over the
    top cartoony. However, in videos this game comes to life and just makes me
    more excited to play it. I am beyond excited. The build technology is made
    for dummies. Haha, It takes me hours to build a ROOM because it never comes
    out the way I had envisioned. This looks like it’d be much easier. *two
    thumbs up*

  24. Lindsay pink says:

    I never had the sims 2 or 3. Is this game is fun?

  25. Celeste Parkinson says:

    i must stay the sims has come a long away since sims 1 now they got all
    this i am amazed. 

  26. anastasia edwards says:

    there are toddlers

  27. LJ Evans says:

    So excited!! Now I can make mismatched window height!! But I don’t see any
    pool tool. Probably there will be no pools in TS4 base game. I also don’t
    see the pool clothing!! omg but still excited for thiss!! And it seems like
    this is also open world. i can see their neighbor’s house. and i just saw
    train and bus!! omfg so excited cant waiit!!

  28. Chrillsims3 says:

    OMG YEES 😀 so many details.. so many many awesome tools…
    can’t wait to build my houses ^^ hope you can save your own rooms if you
    wanna have that on a different lot or maybe even make it to a download :)

  29. Cryo says:

    2014 and we still get a game that has graphics like this one, really makes
    you wonder what they’re thinking, I bet they’re trying to make gameplay
    feel like a disney movie

  30. jarmakey1 says:

    I just hope seasons is naturally included in the base. I never understood
    why people thanked EA for the seasons expansion pack. It really changed the
    game play but all it did was add things that should naturally be there.
    Generations and Seasons are the only expansions I could never play the game
    without (maybe even Pets) It’s not because they’re the best packs in the
    world but because this is stuff that should already be a life simulation

  31. Doodles says:

    Has anyone noticed those lines on the road at 0:30? It looks like it could
    be tram tracks. Anyone knows anything about it?

  32. Deidra Crew says:

    Where can I buy this game?!!!

  33. Taufik Akbar says:

    sims 4 is a let down just like a let down of performance from sims 2 to 3.
    but, if sims 4 perform better i wouldn’t mind (my sims 3 is lagging even
    when in-game fps meter and fraps shows 60+ fps ALL THE TIME)

  34. Tisuto Brown Sims says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

  35. Hmain xxx says:

    The whole “no toddlers or pools” isn’t to bad for me 🙂 I mean, I never
    seem to use the pools, and I can never wait until my Sims are kids! Lol!

  36. Albert Arlington says:

    Just a thought, Sims 4 is supposed to realistic? So let me guess they’re
    going to add an expansion like “The Sims 4: Futuristic Time Traveler”

  37. Jonathan Davies says:

    Please release it for the Mac soon!

  38. mrbeachgameing says:

    Question Dose this game have cheat codes?

  39. 3bowwow22 says:

    Am I the only one mad that we get a two minute video of the build mode and
    we get a four minute video Create a Sim

  40. McChallengeTv says:

    Is there a release date yet for sims 4? Anyone know?

  41. Lost Eagle says:

    we neeed basements

  42. Kourt Love says:

    they give height to houses but not the sims…-.-

  43. xRoyalRebel says:

    Is there swimming pools? I didn’t see it… :c

  44. Andiders says:

    Sure, it seem too have som good features. But I sure hope they got that old
    way too build. I hate grab-and-drag.

  45. Mads D says:

    I am sad that it is still not possible to place walls on half a tile. I
    would rather have that ability than have curved walls. I also wish you
    would have more freedom placing windows and doors using the Alt key.

  46. BillOralRushRimjob says:

    Just too bad that it will be always online DRM infused dumbed down crap
    compared to previous Sims games ala SimCity.

  47. Yannick Fd says:

    You people should stop saying this game has bad graphics. Look at the sims
    3 the graphics were bad compared to the sims 3 we know right now. The
    graphics will change as there will be more graphics. So stfu.

  48. Oricale Turrent says:

    well, there goes the shit ton of money i spent on all the the Sims 3
    extension packs. -_-

  49. Clara Michalak says:

    Sims 1 is still my favourite out of the 3 iv’e played,.. But once i play
    the sims 4 it might be my new favourite,..
    As long as they don’t add useless decorative items to the game that can’t
    be used again. And a lack of interesting items like pianos, voodoo dolls,
    magic glass balls, pictures that do interesting things,. (again these are
    items in the game so it’s optional to have them in your game or not,. And i
    quite like this stuff to spice things up a little. 

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