The Sims 4 – Analysing 40 new screens

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21 Responses

  1. S L says:

    Looks so cartoon-ish … awful small neighborhoods all for the bargain
    price of $60 … umm I don’t think so! thanks for the video and all the
    info Dutch, you are so thorough in your analysis.

  2. gal man says:


  3. Hey It's! Jacob says:

    Did anyone else see that in the 4th of 5th screenshot its bella goth and
    the bar at the bottom of the picture has the household which you can see
    includes bella,mortimer,cassandra and alexandre 

  4. Kmilo Gameplays says:

    You sound so stupid…

  5. whyisthereyou says:

    Been trying to find more info on the sims 4 since I’m so excited. Thanks
    for sharing these photos and I’m so happy they added round counters. AHH
    Can’t wait till September 2nd!!

  6. Ties Leijssenaar says:

    Awesome 😀 thanks for sharing.

  7. Sam Folger says:

    for any one who has at least know any thing about sims 4 can you see inside
    of restraunts and schools ect. please tell me

  8. electricpenquin says:

    God damn it

  9. anwalborn says:

    I love the pyramid at the end, and the one that was really zoomed out that
    looked almost like it was on map view. The pyramid looks like it was made
    with three levels of roofs in my opinion.

  10. LadyQ 88 says:

    thank you for the video /pictures I sooooo can’t wait I am dying to play

  11. Bow Brown says:

    Not really impressed.. Don’t know I tried to be positive about this game
    but If you see the difference between 2 and 3 is huge and it only went
    forwards but now it seems they go backwards and all the loading… big
    mistake.. no pools.. I’ll stick with sims 3 for a while until I see a
    reason to go play the sims 4.. It more looks like a sims game on the
    playstation or xbox now.. 

  12. Liamer01 says:

    theres no tereforming or ponds 

  13. chelsea love says:


  14. Bow Brown says:

    No pools??? WTF

  15. gal man says:

    if there is no create a style its all preditable and the same everywhere!

  16. ART girl says:

    Leuk filmpje mijn favo was dat rare huis ik hoop dat je vaker zulken
    filmpjes gaat maken :D

  17. LittleTownTales says:

    …yes I know what you mean. Behind the fishermen. The spot where the fire
    is placed. What could it be? :D

  18. LHV - WebTutorials says:

    wow the youtube layout changed

  19. Hung Phan Tri says:

    you sims builder are great Architects

  20. DutchSims4Master says:
  21. electricpenquin says:

    God damn it

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