The Sims 4 – ALREADY ON FIRE – Episode 1

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7 Responses

  1. Minh Hoang says:

    Your house very nice it beter zack house

  2. Dreamed Unicorn says:

    You should set your setting to sims 3 controls so you can use the camera
    correctly if you prefer that. Looking forward to watching this series.
    Great video :-)

  3. ZanitorTv says:

    The Sims 4 is finally here and I do have to say that so far I am impressed!
    I’m a huge fan of The Sims series and I’m looking forward to playing this
    for a while! Please leave a like and a comment to let me know you enjoy the
    series and want more!

  4. srublossom says:

    Kyle and I downloaded the sim 4 creator. I think you just have to upload
    your sim to the cloud thing, and then retreive it that way. You can type
    in my last name into the search thing. I made a me, and if you find it,
    that’d be how you woulda gotten your original dude. Idk if you made anyone

  5. IamAJRogers says:

    I don’t always do pushups, but when I do…it’s on the kitchen floor!

  6. Lloyd Franklin says:

    I can’t play Sims 4 until it’s released on Friday in the UK.

  7. Suriel Antunez says:

    Can u play plants vs zombies 2 for the ios

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