The Sims 4 Academy: Thunder Thighs – Lesson 2: Create A Sim

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50 Responses

  1. QRS2013 says:

    hly shit you guys biatch as almost as much as the LOL community. So many
    whiny females wah wah wah

  2. Watanga10 says:

    Have the glitches from the Sims 2 create a Sim returned? (if so then this
    is awesome!)

  3. XoXo1Aquarius says:

    Has anybody read the list of all the things that will NOT be in the SIms
    When you do you’ll see that buying this will be the biggest waste of $70

  4. Haitakaz says:

    No family trees?! No family trees?! ARE YOU KIDDING WITH ME?! *f…k this

  5. Vibralux1 says:

    It would be great if they released this on the Xbox One. I’m not a big fan
    of online multiplayer games, but if they could pull it off with this one,
    it would be amazing.

  6. Miss Fire says:

    I’m not sure about this but … are they saying that other sims will laugh
    at our abomination looking sims? That would be cool…and sad

  7. cgkitti says:

    Is this Charlie Day doing the voicE??

  8. Bree Pagalday says:

    the voice in the background sounds like Charlie Day. Anyone agree? :)

  9. Roronoa Zoro says:

    Stop these trailers and release the game god damn it.

  10. Cora Fluelling says:

    Their like ” WTF?!?” BTW you guys should stop it with the hating EA thing.
    They probs didnt have enough space in th system so they did everything they
    could. Plus keep your hater comments somewhere else and email them to
    yourself. They might fix everything in sims 5 if they make one.

  11. XxUmbrella123x says:

    They did say that there’s going to be way more content in CAS in the real
    game than the demo. xD

  12. sam burridge says:

    wow 16 seconds 

  13. TheTechGeekPT says:

    the sims that appear here represent the final quality of the game?

  14. Kiana Nazari says:

    When I install the demo and it comes up in “my games” in Origin, it keeps
    asking me to install it which I have done so many times now, any advice?

  15. Kendall Manson says:


  16. Katsa Black says:

    I’m so sad because there is no demo for Mac…

  17. Michael Snow says:

    Can y’all stop hating on this game already? It’s unoriginal and immature.
    I’m looking forward to it SO DAMN MUCH that every one of these little clips
    amuses me.

  18. sarah mcmahon says:


  19. Koopa S says:

    So much hate haha.. and everyone is probably here only because they like
    the Sims. I don’t mind I guess. The game is near approaching and they need
    some advertising and stuff to hold people over. It’s demonstrating what is
    new in the game. Also, Charlie fucking Day.

  20. Michele Nelson says:

    I feel like people are going to boycott this game. I’ve been reading a lot
    of complaints! I for 1 will not be buying this 1 when it’s released

  21. holaitserin says:

    Before they released the demo I will admit, I wasn’t very interested in
    getting the game- it felt like a let down, no more cas, very few options,
    no toddlers or pools (yes, I’m allowed to be a little sad about that
    because I didn’t enjoy toddlers, so don’t get on my back about it)…but
    I’ve played the demo and to be honest, I actually don’t mind the fewer
    options and I think I may actually invest in the game!
    I may wait a couple of day after it’s released so that I can read the
    reviews on it etc, because I don’t want to waste $90 if it’s not good
    gameplay. But until then it seems okay :)

  22. Jeremia Lecato says:

    His legs are like they are soooooo big, these four of these sims are like
    they are scared when the sim is stomping, they look like they getting
    carried away. But I been waiting for Sims 4 on eight days, I’m telling
    them what is wrong with them?. But demo of mine’s working as well.

  23. AlmightyPeachy says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is complaining about these promotional
    videos. Just move on if you’re not interested in the game, these videos are
    short, you’re wasting more time posting a comment to say it’s pointless.

    Personally, I’m pretty excited for this game!

  24. Simmer4Life says:

    everyone is complaining about the sims 4 but im just happy that i had a job
    and am on my own now and can actually afford to get a Sims game on the
    release date. I’m really happy. I don’t care how bad it is. It’s awesome to
    have a brand new game with new experiences and new content. I wish others
    could be happy and realize that EA isnt going to change their ways so
    either enjoy what they give us or go make a better game yourself and so how
    “easy” it is to add all of these things into a game last minute. 

  25. Catarina Ferreira Nilesen says:

    when will the the sims 4 for mac be out???? 

  26. heyitsjack says:

    What was the fucking point in this?!

  27. Mikka Luu says:

    Why would you waste 15 seconds of our time like this? Not to be mean but…
    Who is back there making these short, wack, videos?

  28. Natalia says:

    Am I the only one that thinks the new graphics make the female sims so much
    prettier? I absolutely love how the facial expressions look on them. 

  29. Joshua Nicholas says:

    I can take no pools and no toddlers but to take away the FAMILY TREE &
    CREATE A STYLE?? I’m having fourth thoughts about this game…

  30. Alyssa W. says:

    I’ve played the demo (love it!) but I have a question: why isn’t there a
    swimwear option? Is it because there’s no swimwear in the base game? Or did
    they just leave it out because it’s a demo?

  31. Tuna Anıl ASLANER says:


  32. Lucky Redstone says:


  33. Renna Lotary says:

    Captain? What’s the meaning of ‘unlisted video’?

  34. WyntersFrost says:

    I wonder if they are ever going to show a bit of gameplay. Like when you
    make your Sims and get them into the game.. The early game walkthrough..
    Like any game you need to learn how it works. but would be nice if they
    would show a little bit.. :)

  35. Rob Butler says:

    Can you actually make a sim like that in create a sim? I couldn’t make the
    thighs go that big

  36. Mahogany Wolfy says:

    This is how I prefer to make my Sims

    Then burn them in a fire

  37. EpicWaterDrop says:


  38. malonesbones says:

    false advertising, you cant actually make their thighs that big

  39. Sue D Nim says:

    So what asshole at EA thinks it’s funny to make a video showing an
    overweight Sim with all the other Sims looking grossed out and laughing at

  40. says:

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  41. Ruby Johnson says:

    My demo does not work it says I need a Video Card? HELP PLEASE!

  42. swagger1930 says:

    Nobody fucking cares damn. I halfway don’t even play this shit anymore so
    you guys should at least by putting out good videos that’ll persuade us to
    buy the game no these half ass “thunder thigh” videos, come on now

  43. MachineEmpire1985 says:

    Although this video was funny as fuck the omitting of family trees is
    simply…fucked….apparently thunder thighs are more important then family
    so…go ahead and crack those walnuts with those thighs….

  44. Andrea Reier says:

    I don’t think EA would ever do this, but I think adding a preteen stage to
    the life stages would be really cool. Your sim could go through
    insecurities and what not. However, Idc anymore because i’m not buying the

  45. Giulia Moraes says:

    Stop with the create a sim videos. Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

  46. fez says:

    Their reactions at 0:11 crack me up.

  47. Dorine Simmer says:

    Wat. was that. XDD

  48. Emma Daley says:

    I’m upset that the demo doesnt work for Mac. At least not on origins

  49. Aj Lynn says:

    I tried to download the demo but it wouldn’t work.. Does anyone else have
    that problem??

  50. rayman mann says:

    This has been another…pointless trailer

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