The Sims 4 Academy: Swagger – Lesson 1: Create A Sim

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50 Responses

  1. Sophie Clue says:

    I swear to god this is Todd Womack from KOA!

  2. AllodsJinjer says:

    Sims 4 is 78 things that should already be in game. No sims this year i’m
    sticking with sims3 and life this year

  3. Ulti737fs . says:

    Omg I made a sim that looked just like that earlier today

  4. Fuppo says:

    LMAO!!! XD

  5. Austin Moon says:

    Or you can have a real life…

  6. TheClique86 says:

    Awesome, Academy, another thing not in the game.

  7. HeyWanya says:

    Awesome game, awesome demo. Die hard Sims fan, despite there being a few
    things I’m bummed about the game not having. I still love. F the haters
    honestly. If you don’t like it, don’t get it. Simple.

  8. jnperez01 says:

    If only the sims actually looked and behaved like this, then I wouldn’t
    have any complaints. But the real game looks like CRAP!

  9. Mandy Van says:

    It’s Charlie from always Sunny

  10. Frass Sketel says:

    he looks damn handsome XD

  11. Michael Schweiger says:

    that sim almost gave me a heart attack because it made me laugh so hard lol

  12. Kiana Nazari says:

    I installed the demo and when I go into my games in Origin it says to
    install it again? So I do and I’ve done it so many times but it’s not
    working? Any advice please

  13. Major Law says:

    GREAT! How can I survive the rest of the days

  14. The Troupple King says:

    Games gonna be shit. It comes out next month and by then it should already
    be finished. they’re probably working in testing, bug fixes, final
    polishing n such. It’s pretty much finished and it looks like shit.
    So no, people who says it still has a month left. it’s pretty much done.

    All hail the troupple king 

  15. Tyler Mobilian says:

    Best trailer ever
    It had three main sentences and was 15 seconds long and only had 1 clip
    This trailer is the one that will make people buy this game

  16. YoshiRawr123 says:

    My eyes were just burned out of my skull. 

  17. Lukas Brazdeikis says:

    Cool :)

  18. Grace Straight says:

    Was the voice over Todd from BarelyPolitical?

  19. SilentHamish says:

    Is that Charlie Day on the VO? 

  20. Mickey MAGz says:

    The narrator sounds like Romanski.

  21. ChocolateCats1 says:

    gOD I was creating Sims on that damn demo for 5 hours, what am I going to
    be like when the actual game comes out? *excited noises*

  22. Josefsson9013 says:

    Wait is that Charlie Day voice?

  23. princeeeeess says:

    Wow, I sure would love to play the demo, OH WAIT, I HAVE A MAC I CANT

  24. 3AHyDEHb says:


  25. Magical Icicle says:


  26. Brianna dawne says:

    want to play a realistic sim game? make a plum bob and put it over your
    head. then GO OUTSIDE. some of you dont understand how hard it is to make
    the game exactly how you want you either get one thing or another.dont like
    it? stick to sims 3. as for me im exited and cant wait for this game.

  27. BeatlesandWebkinz says:

    I bet he’s married to Vagita Dics.

  28. Dee M says:

    The voice sounds like one of the voices Bashurverse does.

  29. TvHeadArcade says:

    The sim kinda looked like Mr. Bean!

  30. TeenyFox says:

    Hahaha Perfect!!

  31. Alyanna Sone says:

    played the demo to create a sim and all i could say is…. it’s much more
    advance but somehow, bad. the girl, yeah she looks prettier. the new
    features, i loved it. but, guys? it’s now harder to make them handsome. and
    the animation? i personally prefer sims 3’s graphics. it’s more like a
    cartoon now. especially when you look at their hair. the arrow looks so
    ‘cartoony’ too. the walk looks funny. adjusting this and that aren’t as
    ‘fast’ as what i saw on their vid. it’s soooo slow! it takes forever just
    for this and that part to get bigger, smaller, wider, etc. but maybe that’s
    because some people might say it’s too fast and it makes it really hard to
    be accurate on adjusting parts? but still. you should make it even just a
    bit faster. the new hair and clothes are much better than sims 3 though. i
    don’t think i’ll still be downloading much clothes. what else? hmm… cant
    think of any anymore. but overall, i find it good. so i’ll be installing
    it. wont remove sims 3 though. hehe. coz there are a lot of things from
    sims 3 that arent available on sims 4. hope the expansion packs for this
    would be good though.

  32. missshelbayy says:

    Sims 4 is gonna take a lot of practice for me! Oh no! More of my life I get
    to waste on this glorious wonderful magical invention <3

  33. Kinqmar says:

    TIRED OF THESE CAS Showing Videos. You already provided 10,000 details
    about CAS and not the game itself!!! I have a feeling this is just like the
    Sims 3 without toddlers, pools and with a gallery and cartoony
    graphics….. WASTE of money!! You disappoint me yet again EA. Let maxis
    take over …

  34. Reality is Magic says:


  35. Gemma Smith says:

    If you search up Sims 2 trailers (base game one) you’ll see that the
    trailer is nothing like the game itself. So why would this sort of trailer
    be any different?

  36. Conhair789 says:

    I think it looks awesome, I can’t wait! :)

  37. PercyJacksonDork1996 says:

    I wish the demo was for Mac too. I have a PC but it’s a few years old and
    it doesn’t belong to me, and my parents would flip if I downloaded it. When
    is the Mac game ready to be preordered? 

  38. Mathew Stone says:

    oh cool

  39. Andrew W. says:

    he’s so ugly!!

  40. Michael Ruelas says:

    The only reason why the Sims 4 is so cartooney is because to reduce
    glitches of the video card working too hard to produce the perfect
    graphics. By reading people’s comments and complaining about it, now you
    know why.

  41. 713tiktok says:

    Geez some people are so critical of something that they haven’t even given
    a chance yet. 

  42. Koopa S says:

    Charlie fucking Day.

  43. EvanShawOfficial says:

    Charlie… Day… <3

  44. Maureen DeJay says:

    Even though their is The Sims 4, I still love The Sims 3 :)

  45. bloodrebel1 says:

    ya…sure… id love to try it…but oh wait…you assholes made it for

  46. Ashley Kohi says:

    Can’t wait!!!

  47. Jae says:

    LOL, Oh my god. I thought it was Obama at first, but lord no.

  48. BuildItFilmItM says:

    I think we need a “Images not representative of actual gameplay” disclaimer

  49. Ruby Johnson says:

    UH WHAT?!?!

  50. TheArtistStarfish101 says:

    You must have an interest for… Freeform jazz!

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