The Sims 4 Academy: Personality Diagnostic

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49 Responses

  1. InvaderCristi says:

    P…passionate romantic? Oh jeez. 

  2. Zombie Simmer says:

    The academy page wont load for me o.o

  3. Ivory Owl says:

    The “Personality Diagnostic” doesn’t work for me. Refreshed page, opened in
    a new tab, changed browser… nothing seems to work.

  4. Kaitlyn Doherty says:

    I’m an agreeable mess

  5. Erykah Adams says:

    Passionate Romantic ;3

  6. Allison Jenkins says:

    …I hope my computer is fixed soon…hopefully it will be done before Sims
    4 comes out…my cousin and I have an unofficial race to see who plays it
    first and spoils whatever secrets to ruin it for one another….

  7. Impstar says:


  8. Bria43816 says:

    “When your star signs crossed, they must have shared a moment, for you are
    deeply romantic. Whether you’re playing matchmaker or finding a new
    boyfriend or girlfriend, you just love to love. And we love that about you.
    Now go out there and make love happen.”

  9. yuggg says:

    I am the fiery lover. I picked all the crazy things.

  10. Kacilyn Cat says:


  11. Exoticsimmer says:

    I am apparently an excited Aristocrat.
    I didn’t even do anything about money..

  12. dee clifford says:

    hopeful romantic…

  13. imusingalaptop says:

    daydreaming romantic

  14. mrcliff34 says:

    Passionate Romantic

  15. Jessi Peele says:


    You get bored quickly. Seems like the only thing more powerful than your
    creativity is your ADD. When you’ve got your head in the game, you make the
    most amazing stuff. It’s just that focus isn’t your strong suit. That’s
    okay, let other people cross the t’s and dot the i’s – you’ve got big stuff
    to dream up.

  16. Guadalupe Rodriguez says:

    Spaced-out artist.. Everything what it says is so accurate its scary 

  17. Michael Ruelas says:


  18. rushc5 . says:

    On the CAS demo, I wish there were more personality choices. I mean, for
    all I know, those are only a few of them until the game comes out.
    Hopefully it has as many as Sims 3 did. Otherwise the personality part
    seems very limited.

  19. GabiBowls says:

    I got playful creative 😛 Not so sure that is me….

  20. FallenPixel says:

    Why does it have to be weird? I don’t want my Sims to be weird.

  21. slytherin0queen says:

    Angry aristocrat xD

  22. Jae says:

    The cow plant is much cuter this time.

  23. vernicegirl8987 says:

    Was the first sim doing the Wop? Lol

  24. Overlord Actual says:

    “You are a hopeful romantic” “Someday, True Love will find you. Then it
    will hold you, stare into your eyes, and say, “I’ve loved you through the
    ages, and I’ll love you forever.” And then, after years of happiness, you
    and True Love will buy a private island and retire there. Sure, you’ll both
    perish in that freak hurricane, but you’re together, and that’s what

  25. awkwardnchey says:


    Good for you. Confidence and musical talent – usually artists have, like,
    zero self-esteem. Take your gifts and make people happy. Heal the world
    through song. Or at the very least serenade someone sexy. It’s not like you
    don’t have the goods
    Definitely suck at music tho: P


  26. TootToot says:


  27. Amber Simmer says:

    Im a loner.
    I like to be alone and play the sims.

  28. VaneFox says:

    Disregard Sims. Acquire simoleons.


  29. iRainingSnowdropx says:

    passionate romantic. some of the questions I didn’t even know how to answer
    because I wouldn’t pick any. so i had to go with whatever seemed the most
    suitable answer… o.o

  30. YuritheHedgehog22 says:

    I got Playful Creative & I’m happy with my result:D

  31. Ardy Septian says:

    xD passionate romantic. Dammit.

  32. ßrandon says:

    I got..


    Who isn’t excited to have their own personal rocket? Nobody, that’s who.
    But you don’t just love stuff. You love the thrill of building an empire.
    Mergers and acquisitions give you a bigger jolt than a 1000 WooHoos, and if
    you happen to enjoy the finer things in life, that’s just icing on your big
    gold cake.

  33. luvu11 says:

    I got Hopeless Romantic XD

  34. scarlettbaby says:

    The link doesn’t work for me :(

  35. FunkyWeesh says:

    I’m an “Agreeable Mess”

  36. Wonderful Light says:

    I’m a Bored Foodie. I don’t know what to say.

  37. Tory Davidson says:

    Geeky Hopeless romantic

  38. Rayykz says:

    I got,

    You’ve got a creative mind and you love messing with and challenging
    people. People don’t always get the weird connections you’re making, but
    hey, that’s life. Your job is to shake things up and make the world a
    weirder place for us all.

  39. PepperButlerGamez says:

    Fiery Lover
    When you fall in love, your passion burns with the fire of a thousand suns.
    You are a great companion. You are generous with WooHoo. Is your love too
    intense? Perhaps. But if setting your beloved’s house on fire in a fit of
    jealous rage is wrong, you don’t want to be right.

  40. Iron Seagull says:

    I’m a “Playful Creative” totally me for sure lol

  41. ღBaka|Nekoღツ says:

    Day-Dreaming Romantic. ^-^

  42. MagicManMo says:

    Playful creative! Just wanna make the world a weirder place for everyone!

  43. LifeSimmer says:

    I’m apparently ‘The Flirtatious Tease’
    “Everyone wants you. That’s a given. The only problem you have is finding
    anyone that can live up to your standards. You’re constantly flirting, but
    find that some people bore you quickly. Some call you a heartbreaker. But
    in The Sims, we call it being yourself. Play on.”
    Good to know lol.

  44. TheEtherny says:

    So, is this going to be a thing? Uploading like a million trailers before
    releasing the game?

  45. puurplesimmer says:


  46. Sophieiplaysims says:

    I’m a daydreaming romantic

  47. Cynthia Salazar says:

    passionate romantic 

  48. wimmy1001 says:

    Hopeful Romantic Lul.

  49. AGlovable1 says:

    Hopeless romantic? XD

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