The Sims 4 Academy: Holding Grudges – Lesson 5: Personalities

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50 Responses

  1. laurita wavertinwe says:

    they’re so smart its weird
    were so dumb its normal

  2. SophieEvax says:

    aaahhh I love Ned! please let him be playable in the game!

  3. Jill B. says:

    They’re so smart it’s weird… I mean, I’m looking forward to the game, but
    that tagline’s just weird. (Haha. Not even intended.)

  4. Isabel Riley says:

    The guy who voices these creeps me out

  5. crashpal says:

    Doc Ock – The Early Years

  6. O Calvin says:

    Ned kinda scares me… He looks like the guy who brings a gun to school and
    kill everything that moves with a creepy smile on his face. 

  7. YaoiHuntressEarth says:

    It’s too bad we don’t get to see Ned’s revenge.

  8. Chilllaxxinn says:

    The eye twitching was great.

  9. SurrenderToThePlumbBob says:

    aww hes even cute when hes angry, like a kitten :3

  10. Samonee Day says:


  11. Chidchilli says:

    looolz this games gonna fail like Simcity…. I love the Sims, but I dont
    see this one being any good…. *sigh*

  12. natdomo says:

    is it charlie day’s voice in the background?

  13. Casshat says:

    the dude who voiced this sounds like charlie day and it’s freaking me out

  14. malonesbones says:

    why are they so obsessed with that rocket, it’s not that cool

  15. Maria Spyrou says:

    Guys did you get the chance to see the optimal specs of the game before
    pre-ordering it??? It has the same requirements as battlefield (super
    realistic graphics)!!! Screw you EA. You have completely lost my respect. I
    am not paying 60 dollars to play a game at its minimum requirements. 

  16. shyanneaj says:

    I really like the way that the sims look. At first I hated it, especially
    the hair. Now that I’ve played the demo and seen more in-game footage, I
    think the look fits the game.

  17. TheEtherny says:

    Ok so is this going to be another new thing? To suddenly stop making
    trailers everyday and release ALL in 1 day a week?
    Lol jk

  18. Argent-Productions says:

    Me gusta 

  19. TheSimsman88 says:

    I hope EA will come out with a free patch update with toddlers in the patch
    for the Sims 4.

  20. Hyro Kowalski says:

    The Sims 4 Their So Smart It’s Weird.

  21. fantageprincessforev says:

    Note to self. NEVER. CROSS. NED.

  22. MrIDiamondI says:

    School shooting incoming?

  23. Vibralux1 says:

    Is it not Charlie Day?

  24. Lib28x says:

    I’m pretty sure the banana prank won’t be in the game. PleASE be!

  25. Andrew King says:

    Ned is gonna bust a cap in some asses real quick!

  26. Davampire King says:

    EA: Weird! Emotions! Weird! Emotions! Weird! Emotions! Weird! Emotions!
    Weird! Emotions!

    Me: Same old crap! Nothing New! Same old crap! Nothing new! Same old crap!
    Nothing new! Same old crap! Nothing new!

  27. Puddles Lemon says:

    Ned reminds me of Arvo from the walking dead. 

  28. Abby McBeth says:


  29. Luke Pilkington says:

    Can you still pre-order it??

  30. Izka Izowska says:


  31. Momo M-V says:


  32. SimsFairy says:

    The expression on his face! <3 I'm so hyped up for The Sims 4!

  33. madipogo says:

    This game has the best PR ever I fucking swear

  34. Seventh Poet says:

    I actually love this one XD made me laugh

  35. Brianna C. Pone says:

    I hope their eye really twitches like that, that would be a great idle
    animation for machinima.

  36. x Marion says:


  37. Dee M says:

    I love all of them. I still ay this sounds like one of the voices
    Bashurverse does when he plays Minecraft.

  38. Mary C.T.P. says:


  39. Abby x says:


  40. Romi Feyants says:

    +TheSims EA could you please make an update for the sims 3 island paradise
    ? It’s my favorite expansion pack from the sims 3 but I can’t play in Isla
    Paradiso ( my favorite town ) because there is such a huge lag 🙁 Please,
    please, please make an update. 

  41. THE Simmer says:


  42. Tan Asia says:


  43. Tenshi Senpai says:

    ohh not all images are of the actual gameplay 🙁 now i’m sad

  44. Adam Ant says:

    why is the trailer so highly rendered? the game looks good but it doesn’t
    even look this good. This looks like some next-gen rendering.

  45. LadyoftheDreamless14 says:

    … What will Ned do if i make him mad…

  46. starrsimone54 says:

    that eye twitch.

  47. Hannah W says:

    His voice though

  48. PeepMyTatHomeSkillet says:

    I was really pumped for this, but with all these videos being release
    lately and talks of all the stuff they’ve removed. I’m really bummed out.
    But I’m glad I didn’t pre-order. :)

  49. Mehdi Sadik says:

    This game lost its realistic part. Things just got too weird.

  50. electricpenquin says:

    ok there going a bit overbored on these pointless ads 20 seconds…rEAlly?

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