The Sims 4 Academy: Getting Hyped – Lesson 4: Emotions

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  1. Super_Infinity says:

    +Davampire King

    how dare a company promote their game and get people excited when it’s less
    than 8 days till release… horrible, money stealing, imbeciles at ea


  2. Halle R. says:


  3. MaxineAndrew says:

    Haha, these trailers are so funny xD

  4. Dave Davids says:

    That was one hot topless stranger

  5. VVJumparVV says:

    Getting Hyped yep thats what they are trying to do

  6. Davampire King says:

    I’m only gonna ask this one more time.


  7. TheSimsman88 says:


  8. anna steele says:

    Is this curtis p

  9. littlemisscupcake says:


  10. Chidchilli says:

    A general rule to follow for any game…. if the trailers crap, no doubt
    the game will be…. all they have to sell this junk is crappy emotions… 

  11. Chelsea Alexis says:

    Dont get me wrong ive been a sims fan for years since i was younger and it
    first came out , i’ve loved every one of them, and i was excited about this
    one but since i’ve been hearing about all the things it wont have im abit
    disappointed even though they have emotions etc. i just don’t know if it
    will be better than the sims 3 ? we will just have to see i guess… 

  12. MachineEmpire1985 says:

    Well they got the 80’s music right on the beat followed by a beat down on
    the punching bag.

  13. Taylor Masters says:

    It should be obvious its not game play footage, how often do trailers show
    only 100% real game play in their trailers really…

  14. DerpySara says:

    honestly, the only reason I think I’m NOT gonna like TS4 is the non-open
    world. I can live with no toddlers, pools, CAS or CAST. I am sad that those
    things will not be in the game but the world concept is just such a step

  15. necromunchy says:

    Emotions, EMOTIONS, E M O T I O N S ! ! !
    I just want to build houses :(

  16. megaolafur says:

    the irony.

  17. Michael Bachelor says:

    I like these they remind me of those portal 2 Cave Johnson adverts

  18. HeyWanya says:

    Haters can really suck my ass. I can’t wait for this game.

  19. Sir Tro ll says:

    ‘Not all images are of actual gameplay’


  20. Kaity Katz says:

    Sims 4 looks like its going to be awesome!
    I’m sooo Hyped!
    Now to buy a new computer for the occasion

  21. paradisegunshot says:

    cancelled my pre-order long ago. they’re not getting my cash for this half
    done bull crap. money whores 

  22. MichaelPlays123 says:


  23. TheCrazer666 says:

    Please, don’t pre-order The Sims 4. Wait until it’s released and reviewed
    by multiple sites.

    Oh, and also, just to ruin everyone’s hope and expectations, please read
    this article – it’s all proven and has sources listed.

  24. Grijze Pilion says:

    Man, this is terrible. Let’s hope my pre-order is worth it in the end.

  25. MattGiordanoGames says:

    What the hell? So now they are marketing to 6 year old children!? -__-

  26. Cristina Rodriguez says:

    One week

  27. sasai_monsuta says:

    did…they recruit the narrator from battleblock theater for this? because
    it sounds just like him…

  28. Puddles Lemon says:

    I had a weird dream about TS4 now I’m kinda freaked out!! :D

  29. PandaLeeGames says:

    The Sims 4: More Emotions Expansion pack! Coming to you this holiday season
    for the low low price of $59.99!

  30. ItsJustMia says:


  31. Firehedgehog says:

    hon, stop trying to stop people from getting it. for goodnes sake, its teh
    first part of teh game. just wait for expansions if your like this

  32. katlover32 says:

    GO GO AMBER GO GO!!!!!! i just had to get that out sorry :P

  33. Newecreator Channel says:

    I never knew the narrator could sing like that.

  34. desertrose0601 says:

    Interesting! I love how everything is connected. Music in the other games
    was just generally pleasing, but didn’t really affect gameplay. I like that
    it will in TS4. 

  35. Scott Webb says:

    Is it coming for Mac? Please, someone reply! :)

  36. cranberrywb100 says:

    These are so funny I’m watching every single one 

  37. Katie Francis says:

    It looks fun and I like the new graphics but I’m not paying £60 when I
    already have Sims 3

  38. Leia Kavaja says:

    Not being mean but the guy sounds like bushurverse

  39. Kristoffer Sand Dørum says:


  40. Krol Mathers says:


  41. Diana Lyn Ruffolo says:

    is the voice Charlie Day?

  42. Perfectly Angelic says:

    Guys. Stop complaining! If you don`t want the game stop looking at these
    and don`t buy it! Is it that hard? Seriously.

  43. Dubstep Simmer says:

    I don’t get all the bad feedback.. I mean, this is The Sims 4 not 3 or 2,
    so it should be diffrent! You just want another version of the sims 3? So
    many things are new just, I am begging you to read this

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