The Sims 4 Academy: Changing Moods – Lesson 3: Emotions

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20 Responses

  1. Violet Demon says:

    the guy talking almost sounds like Curtis from the CurtisParadisShow!!

  2. brightwolf888 says:

    “big personalities” yet they have less traits in CAS 

  3. fistOFjustice91 says:


  4. Noah Games says:

    I think I’m about to throw up *BLARRRG* 

  5. OnlinePear2 says:

    I think that cow plant is a horrible idea, I don’t find it funny in any way
    shape or form 

  6. Personify Peach says:

    0:05 “Oh my God!” For some reason, I loved that XD

  7. Tal Koris says:

    Love the cow plant

  8. KrispyJeans says:

    it sounds like bashurverse is talking

  9. Dr Goggle says:

    They keep promoting the same items over and over again (the cow plant, the
    rocket), this might mean there aren’t many objects in the game either…

  10. Laura F says:

    Ow, get done with the freaking cow-plant ! Screw the cow-plant !

  11. Tweak Squeak says:

    He’s happy because he just discovered the most delicious drink, blood
    tainted milk!

  12. Moona x says:

    can’t wait <333333333

  13. coolcat pittman says:

    Is basher narroting these things

  14. keaira793 says:

    I am buying this game In 2020 when it is 10% off. Because this just not
    worth the money, i feel like everyone who buy this is going to be
    disappointed “oh yeah i got the sims game finanlly” 3 hours later. …this
    is boring. yea it’s nice to know ea put their time in making a sims 4, put
    their time in nothing which is exactly why i’m not buying this game lol
    I’ll stick to sims 3 way much better till then I’ll wait for sims 5.

  15. Mason Perry says:

    I hate the narrator’s voice tho. 

  16. Loo Chee says:

    Sage the Gemini is on here? Cool 

  17. Catrinaboox says:


  18. Newecreator Channel says:

    He sounds like Bashur.

  19. Destroyer120296 says:

    They are marketing nothing else then the emotions. And that sbasicly the
    only thing in the entire team.

  20. Eyewock Eyak says:

    I kinda hate you guys for not bringing sims 4 to mac. sorry

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