The Sims 4 Academy: Advanced Woohoo – Lesson 6: Personalities

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20 Responses

  1. LOVEmeHATEmeIDC406 says:

    Am I the only one who called the number grandma held up

  2. Victoria Uchendu says:

    I think I’m third

  3. Samantha Kelly says:

    i hope sims 4 will make it to console 

  4. George Davis says:

    I called the number. You can learn simlish from it!

  5. Grijze Pilion says:

    This one’s actually kind of funny. Unlike the other ones.

  6. Vivianiubu says:


    And does no one see pancake bobs sign? xD

  7. S L says:

    OMG how stupid … yep this definitely huge disappointment game … 

  8. DeDe Candy says:

    Please please can you make the game on mac ASAP 

  9. SimsFairy says:

    Oh gosh, pancake bobs drawing was censored. It’s hilarious! :D

  10. Tawny Love says:


  11. gurlgamer09 says:

    so do Sims still get better at it the more they do it?

  12. Tiera Püma says:

    Haha I love the granny! 

  13. DutchRedGaming says:

    0:11 why censored?

  14. Brinka Kokorinka says:

    I’m outside the U.S will I be charged extra if I call the number? just
    wondering ._.

  15. Otaku Idol says:

    If anyone is having trouble calling the number in Britain put 001 at the
    start ^.^

  16. Corinne Peterson says:

    That’s really cool that they teach you simlish, but how does that work?
    Would they just say “BFJCJXBDJ” means happy!?

  17. xSimSugar says:

    Anyone else think this sounds like +TheCurtisParadisShow ???? I like this
    just like real life hahaha Woohoo can be awesome or it can be very very

  18. LeisureTV says:

    “Call me”? Sims can write in English now?

  19. ChunkyBunny2 says:

    anyone else call that number the grandma held up?

  20. electricpenquin says:

    EAs so stupid,its weird

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