The Sims 4: 4-Player

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20 Responses

  1. Foxy The Fox says:

    Just be glad the Sims didn’t murder each other while Spence was in control.

  2. kellogsbeast says:

    This was like 90% Spencer struggling to manage all people at once. Btw,
    your toilet is broken too lol.

  3. Slashstar314 says:

    Is this worth getting?

  4. christine anderson says:


  5. Cota Lucero says:

    I just got done watching chris

  6. kkaosjack says:

    yeah more sims!

  7. CrazyDK96 says:

    It’s funny when the Sims get shocked, I saw it once when my bro was playing
    this game…well at least the old lady didn’t die.

  8. 1mortalkombatlover says:

    12:37 spence makes a urinal sign in his joke while clucking… what was he
    talking about? 0_0

  9. Justin fernalld says:

    so spencer and tyson start dating next right?

  10. isaac james says:


  11. Othmaine says:

    WRTP, after Tyson’s sim becomes friends with the rest of you, you can zoom
    out and click on a neighbor’s house. If they’re home, it’ll give you the
    option to visit them. Just in case you didn’t know already! XD

  12. DarkKokiri86 says:

    I thought the sims didn’t have multiplayer?

  13. Matt Does It says:

    The Sims 4: Part 09 (The yell at Spence episode) lol…

  14. WiiRikeToPray says:

    The dreaded Blue Screen of Death — Part 09 of The Sims 4 out now!

  15. Lavadudarr Ay says:

    Wait why did it say like for blue screen in the beginning? OH NO!

  16. Mattstig says:

    I assume this has been asked and answered before, but why does Spencer keep
    sitting down to empty his bladder? lol I mean the makers of the game could
    have at least said “Bathroom need” or something that includes both
    urinating and defecating. 

  17. Pearl Platinum says:


  18. Alvin Cho says:


  19. Kevin morales says:

    And 8th like

  20. Edwin Lemus says:


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