The Sims 4: The Mysterious Time Capsule! – The Story of Cheddar Stilton

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20 Responses

  1. AshDubh says:

    Cheddar Stilton is back with something unusual. Let’s open it! ENJOY /o/

  2. Minecraft Tastic says:

    3rd like

  3. MD SKY says:

    that staty name is lyndsay from mysims kingdom and spys ……

  4. pachirisuguy gaming says:

    great vid keep it up!

  5. Abraham Reyes says:

    I give that video a LIKE!

  6. PeaceSign101 says:

    I’m loving this series! And I made sure to slice that like button ;)

  7. True Robloxian says:

    Nevermind :(

  8. EMMA SHEPHERD says:

    Great vid love the sims

  9. charley gamble says:

    What happened to live stream Saturday??i miss it but in a way it was good
    because I got to watch the entire captain sparklez live stream but I still
    missed it because it was very funny

  10. George Zhang says:


  11. Amy Davis says:

    I think you have to be a level 5 painter to do emotional paintings

  12. swagger_penguin101 says:

    lol I had to grab a salad when I saw him making one

  13. brony page says:

    If you cut out less it might be more enjoyable

  14. turtleblast ward says:

    Hiya, I really want sims 4

  15. Hywel Brown says:

    You should name the house

    Call it the stilton stay out 

  16. Andrea the Leprechaun says:

    Polyester…. nice..

  17. Shawn Rainwater says:

    like the vid ash =D

  18. RainbowNarwhaleGaming says:

    What headphones you got

  19. Charlotte E says:

    love the series thank you :)

  20. AmyPlays says:

    Ash, THIS IS THE 400TH VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!

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