The Sims 3 Roaring Heights – Official Gameplay Trailer

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50 Responses

  1. Cebalrai1702 says:

    soy personaje inportante inportado de argelia

  2. Lord Blek says:

    Can you shoot with guns or something?
    Don’t ignore the men needs!

  3. roxanne fréchette says:

    got it for free mothafucka

  4. Jade Gill says:

    Can you used apple products in the game.

  5. fenderchick2010 says:

    I wonder if sims will be able to open doors on all the Maxis cars or just
    the new one that comes with Roaring Heights.

  6. thomas romero says:

    All sorts of fun til George Wilson come n ruins the pool party. Oh poor
    gatsby :P

  7. rbpig Piggy says:

    How is the sims violent 

  8. Collin White says:

    Why is this the last add on? Not buying it …

  9. Ella Here says:

    The pool part really reminded me of The Great Gatsby

  10. Emily Samantha says:

    is it worth buying??

  11. rbpig Piggy says:

    This reminds me of the great Gatsby 

  12. Rigo II says:

    reminds me of the great gatsby

  13. Cebalrai1702 says:

    soy sly soy soy soy soy

  14. Mille Færch says:

    Is it a Stuff pack or xtra?

  15. Deniz Güngör says:

    1:02 Titanic!!!

  16. Michael Ruelas says:

    1920s style of the Sims, I love it!!!!

  17. Cebalrai1702 says:

    <3 simsssssss eeeeehhhh weeeee ahhhhhhh 

  18. Isabela Campos says:

    Roaring Heights

  19. Amy Baker says:


  20. Аля Санина says:

    Ну и где русские?? Я в шоке. Где великие русские мысли по поводу этого
    шикарного города? Ни одного комментария, даже дибильного. Нас все меньше. Я
    закроюсь дома на месяц чтоб сысграть в это, а вы молчите??? Мне СТЫДНО за
    вас. Всем хорошей игры, паскудники

  21. Nani Torres says:

    If there is something I like is vintage :)

  22. Shan_on says:


  23. 1GoldRunner says:

    Hated the fact this this was the 1920’s -1930’s theme. Once I downloaded
    this place I got rid of everything and every Sim that reflected that time
    period and gave the entire city a makeover so it would look modern day. 

  24. AndyProGamer S says:

    Stupid. Getting tired of these mafia Miami themed bs thinking they own the
    world organized funded gang members
    I mean
    what’s the point when sims 4 is coming out September 2nd 2014

  25. Lauren Horsey says:

    Thay should make more sims for the xbox its not gair how computers get more
    sims than xbox, ps

  26. Alan Toner says:

    The music in the video reminds me a lot of Streets of Sim City

  27. Funniest G Like says:

    WAIT! That guy just entered the car, with the car door. I thought you
    couldn’t do that

  28. Cebalrai1702 says:

    todos somos canguros llamados candela

  29. Cebalrai1702 says:

    pony salvaje aaah hay vida en tu vida aaah yo soy tu ponyyyyyyy yeaaaaaaaah

  30. Jericho Bajao says:

    Uh oh, We forgot to Download This Venue! “Boardwalk Venue”

  31. Strytax says:

    “the boardwalk with the sky high roller coaster must be purchased
    separately”, lol, classic EA…fuck you..

  32. Adam Coxe says:

    0:17 = gta v

  33. Sims Life says:

    it’s so cool!!! 

  34. Newecreator Channel says:

    The Great Gatsby anyone?

  35. Asad Rachman says:

    Seriously I love this world.

  36. Ezelia Starsong says:

    you can woohoo in cars again o.O i wish gameplay was like the trailers :/
    the game itself is so limited!

  37. Sims Luver says:


  38. Lesimsettes says:

    0:16 GTAV

  39. Falx Carius says:

    Racism not included.

  40. BakingSweets says:

    It reminds me off the great gatsby

  41. Cebalrai1702 says:

    ehhhhhh ajajaj
    ajoooooo <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 :3 osos espinosos
    orgullosos de la vida

  42. BahezG says:

    0:17 they tried to copy Gta 5

  43. 7BeAsT9 says:

    Play with life then pick steel bladder and be freaking robot or something.
    Maxis logic… If you dont need to piss anymore you are dead! Dumb maxis

  44. Kenna Thomas says:

    It looks like the great gatspy lol

  45. Cebalrai1702 says:

    soy soyns soy soy oy soy soy s

  46. princessofDBZ says:

    even without this trailer, roaring heights looks like gta 5

  47. sugersimmer says:

    I play this world like 24/7 it’s prob my favorite world in the sims 3 :)

  48. Gardith D says:

    srry nope
    btw nice music i might just get the boardwalk only

  49. Constantia Maria says:

    i think i’m gonna make great gatsby character in sims 3 roaring heights

  50. Ella Here says:

    Roaring heights? More like the roaring twenties, I love it ❤️

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