The Sims 3 Movie Stuff Trailer — Part 3

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50 Responses

  1. JamesTheGamer says:

    Worst trailer. Pretty nice clothes.

  2. Penelope416 says:

    Hmm…. so this is it? I’m so glad Maxis is coming back for the Sims 4.
    This expansion pack looks pointless.

  3. sweetiegirl10100 says:

    i dont have movie stuff, but i’ve got pets, late night and supernatural.
    also i got some other packs too

  4. StarTheHedgehog759 says:

    The sims3 Movie stuff. Now your sims can acheive the childhood dream of
    becoming a super hero! ;p

  5. davidlikescheese1000 says:


  6. Natasha Genard says:

    Useless stuff pack. Should have been outdoors stuff like basketball court
    and football and soccer and zip lining or something.

  7. nviceversa says:

    *completely pointless, will not be getting it!

  8. AWonderfulQuiet says:

    ew why

  9. Lisa Mccall says:

    This must be for movie makers…. I don’t care for the Villain stuff.(some
    ppl love it) I don’t think they should go there, leave that for comics.
    Getting off course again.

  10. ASpoiledDiva says:

    That’s true… I think this Stuff Pack would only be good for Spooky Day,
    having a Spooky Day party, and for the Simmers who do stories/movies with
    Sims 3.

  11. VGEvery says:

    Ugliest batmobile ever

  12. netwolfe says:

    They actually have been heavily market it as a tool for those who like
    making Sim movies. I think that’s actually the reason why they called The
    Movie Stuff Pack. It’s a pack of movie making stuff. Or at least that was
    the impression I was always getting. So your assumption of it being for the
    movie makers is probably correct. I’m sorry that you might have preordered
    it without beware of those details.

  13. cassidy kelley says:

    this is a stuff pack I think

  14. Sarah Kings says:

    The could have done a fucking Teen Styles Pack like in Sims 2. Lazy people
    at EA.

  15. ♦³Justin Simmer says:

    This is one of the STUPID stuff pack that I seen yet -__- XD

  16. nviceversa says:

    This seems complete

  17. SimmerLife4 says:

    i don’t like it I don’t think I will get this

  18. Yesiamarobot says:

    Who else got incredibly sad coz u thought for a moment ‘can’t wait to quxxn
    shows us the content’ … 🙁 meh sad now but this stuff Pack looks good

  19. videosimsweb says:

    La terza ed ultima parte di The Sims 3 Movie stuff

  20. Beth Røcky Ratliff says:

    what’s the typo?

  21. xxxNTAwesomexxx says:

    it would have been awesome if they came with super powers

  22. JoeLin59 says:

    I get bored playing with the characters. Same shit, different outfit. I
    like only the decorating of the homes and lots in Sims 2 only.

  23. bigisbeautifulcumc says:

    I think im gonna regret my early purchase of this SP. It seems like it was
    really made for simmers who make movies not normal play.

  24. Esen Urludag says:

    They showed nothing but sims dancing and eating… What exactly am i paying

  25. SpiderGamesHD says:

    With this is it not Sims 3 :s

  26. SakuraKahn Stride says:

    Quick question. Do any of you know this song?? I could really appreciate
    your answer.

  27. Newecreator Channel says:

    The only thing awkward for me in this Stuff Pack is that there is an outfit
    for males that looks too kinky. LOL

  28. AlexRed95 says:

    Can you imagine? A kid helping to save the world. THATS REALISTIC

  29. Loxi popsi says:

    It’s cool but I think it’s completely useless

  30. frost14hull says:


  31. AWonderfulQuiet says:

    looks like it was made in imovie

  32. JoeLin59 says:

    Don’t care for super heroes Sim style. Where is all the movie making stuff,
    like backdrops and all that cool stuff? Sims 1 Superstar was really cool. I
    guess these guys were just out of ideas.

  33. Christian Grai says:

    Add me! ChristianGrai

  34. RavenNation says:

    I saw somewhere that If you buy the pack through Origin, it comes with a
    set that actually lets you direct movies. IDK, the only reason I’m
    considering getting it is for the superhero stuff.

  35. Jo Goad says:

    1000th linker

  36. Tremayne4260 says:

    Looks like fun. I can’t wait for it to come out as well as Into the Future.
    I’m glad Maxis is back working with the Sims and 4 looks like fun. But then
    I am a Simmer who loves the game and still plays 2 and I haven’t explored
    everything in 3 yet. Still having fun!

  37. Ellis324 says:

    The voice is perfect. What humour!! Play with your fantasy and dsubscribe
    to my channel simmers ;-)●●

  38. SuperClubPenguiner says:

    So exited!!!

  39. orel402 says:

    To save the………………………!!!!! BBQ.

  40. даша веб says:


  41. Purple Simmer says:

    This Is The Last stuff pack…..

  42. xBloodxFangx says:

    This is great! But, do we get super powers?

  43. Harlene Carenan says:

    If I had that ex

  44. Marcus Rawlinson says:

    when i first heard about this stuff pack i was exited because of all the
    ideas of content that could have been included like, really neat props and
    backdrops from REAL and iconic movies, also costumes and items that fit
    more than three themes like romance or comedy. (they could have put some
    really cool romantic sets and rabbitholes and even some funny three stooges
    items) i just feel this was rushed and poorly done and should have had alot
    more thought and time put into it. Sorry EA

  45. Bruno Augusto says:

    Adorei essas roupas kkkkk *-*

  46. Maya Morales says:

    Cant wait XD

  47. Ellis324 says:

    The voice is perfect. What humour!! Play with your fantasy and dsubscribe
    to my channel simmers ;-)●●

  48. Vallee92982 says:

    Uh…no thanks EA. I’d rather have stuff I can use for my everyday life,
    not some costumes jezz!

  49. Skullcandy380 says:

    What`s the song`s name and who`s the performer?

  50. Kat Kapusta says:


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