The Sims 3 Movie Stuff Trailer — Part 2

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  1. Виктория Фишер says:

    Cool 😀

  2. mjakes20 says:

    I know this is the last stuff pack, but would anyone else like a normal
    stuff pack? Maybe like Ikea Home stuff from the Sims 2, or something that
    would look nice and in place in houses.

  3. Austeja L says:

    @SimsShorty I’ll check out your channel!

  4. Jericho Bajao says:

    See that werewolf is scratching??? :O 0:38

  5. Derek Thomson says:
  6. slytherinangel666 says:

    You’re gonna have to wait until 2014.

  7. Mecy-Misa says:

    Yeah, i think the same thing

  8. supermassivekathole says:

    You can think of great ideas and they came up with this

  9. Nathalie Lund Bertelsen says:

    Try to make a prinsesse stuf

  10. AndSoWeLaughed says:

    Think they’re trying to make most out of 3 before 4 comes out. It’s just
    they’re recycled stuff. Western: pets, Horror: Gothic (which is in S3Store)
    Hereos/Villians: Cars stuff (can’t remember actual name) and the high end
    technology one.

  11. GlimmerOurworld says:

    im gonna get it anyways because im a collector c;

  12. Violet Tompsett says:


  13. ashley parker says:

    Hey guys I have a sims 3 series on my channel if you could please check it
    out that’d be awesome (ofcourse no one is forcing u but it’d be great if
    you did)

  14. milly may says:

    Jeez why do we need this? can’t u think of something worth buying? so many
    people love the sims 3 and maybe ea should think about releasing an update
    to fix all the crap in the sims 3 before thinking about the sims 4

  15. harry jamieson says:

    its does look cool but western has been done in pets and horror in
    supernatural so heros and villians are the only new things

  16. Beatriz C. Pereira says:

    By far, the worst. Damn, bet the money was reaaaalllyyyy good to make EA do
    that shit.

  17. ❤Miss.Xiuney❤ says:

    look at the pics of sims 4 it looks like it is mobile play 🙁 the hair
    texture SUCKS 🙁

  18. ArcticWolfSpirit says:

    sexual themes? WTF?!

  19. Robyn Levy-Pye says:

    All the Stuff Packs are recycled items from either older games or
    re-imagined items from Real Life

  20. Aditoch says:

    I don’t know how to instal sims 3 I have a disc

  21. AlphaRhea says:

    Not at all! You can’t run a shop, create toys, train employees and fire
    them,… etc in Sims 3 Ambitions

  22. nicecubby says:

    In the Sims1 you could make your sims go on Holiday yet Sims3 where is
    that? When I first og thte Sims3 I went to the phone and the bit that says
    ‘Travel’ I would of expected to have the option to go on a holiday to
    another town…

  23. Lobwho says:

    I like my sims to be as normal as they can, I hate supernatural. I would
    love it if they would stop making stuff packs and sort out the problems
    they have. Like with the nightlife, I go to a club and no one is there
    apart from me! Same with the summer festivals, there are one to two sims on
    the lot.

  24. Gettin Serious says:

    There is going to be a TS4 trailer at the 20th at Gamescom for those who
    don’t know yet.

  25. FallenFrance says:

    did anyone esle try to move their sims to uni or move them 2 a differnt
    town and your sims disappered. The people working on the sims 3 need to see
    this beacause you can lose a lot a progess in your game.

  26. 75321qrp says:


  27. Sal Eh says:

    The release date is my birthday!!!! Yay!!!

  28. ThatScienceLady says:

    Typo at 1:03 LOOOL. Spelled villains wrong xD 

  29. ❤Miss.Xiuney❤ says:

    google the pic of it…

  30. Aili Paivio says:

    At least one outfit is from Rocky Horror Picture Show, I think. Campy
    horror/musical awesomeness, which makes me love it.

  31. AndSoWeLaughed says:

    They should but imagine how much time and money it would cost them to go
    back and fix how they look? Including marketing which they’ve just done.

  32. Ult Gamer says:

    why not help fix the problems many of the people complain about ea… wait
    no that doesnt make sense why do that when you can have dragons in an exp
    and movie stuff! they might as well add fairies to sims…. oh right i
    forgot thats been done already :s

  33. GameShark34 says:

    The Sims 4 Official Trailer, be the first who saw the real TS4 trailer, not
    a bunch of lies that were spreading around for months…
    /watch?v=PWEoq4ie3EI Enjoy!

  34. weesley aguilar says:

    The only thing that I want from this is the Director’s set 😀

  35. SimsLife says:

    Sims 3 movie stuff part 2 of 3 :)

  36. koppj97 says:

    Really? Do you remember Katy Perry’s Sweet Treats?

  37. Michael Lando says:

    Katy Perry Sweet Treats?

  38. A Dope Zebra says:

    if only my sims 3 worked

  39. kachigoesrawr says:

    The only good thing about this trailer was the song.

  40. minieaster says:

    I love EA!!

  41. Dman20111 says:

    The thing is that this would be a great expansion if you could direct
    movies and they would play on the tv depending on what type and how good is
    the movie but it would be really hard to pull it off in a game like the
    sims 3

  42. Alex Mark says:

    it’s the picture on ur profile. like that u have with ur self now. I don’t
    have. That’s the profile pic (picture) means 😉

  43. charbel harb says:

    I wantttt !!!!

  44. Alda Ægisdóttir says:

    i think they’ve really run out of ideas

  45. Mish PlaysSims says:

    I think this is going to be a great expention pack & if you dont like it
    then just dont saya anything then rather say bad stuff about it . & the
    sims 3 is not going to be exactly same as sims 2 or 1 but its still awesome
    & fun to play .

  46. supermassivekathole says:

    This is by far their most ridiculous idea yet

  47. Jonathas Blavatsky says:

    0:40 lol XD

  48. TaeKat says:


  49. ❤Miss.Xiuney❤ says:

    I was 😛

  50. samii018 says:

    I will be saving my money until sims 4 comes out..or if a open for business
    expansion comes out then u can take my money!

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