The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow Trailer

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49 Responses

  1. Montanee jo says:

    Oh “THE MUSIC”! Bring back my beautiful memories.

  2. Kryxtonz says:

    Roaring heights♡♥♡

  3. Kalei Furtado says:

    Sims 2 music in the backround!!! :D

  4. Calico C says:

    This just makes me want to put a completely normal sim that was proper,
    mean spirited, good, hot-headed, and kleptomatic and see what comes
    about… I did say normal sim, right?

  5. Sims3Lover says:

    Is it just me that recognises the sims 2 music? 

  6. Sindri Pindri says:

    Sims 2 music :D

  7. Just another fangirl potato says:

    First 10 seconds and I immediately recongnise Sims 2 music 😀 

  8. maxime1997vdb says:

    the song is from sims 2 Nightlife – Create-a-Sim – Sim Time

  9. Yibei Singleton says:

    Can we talk about how great this world is together with the Supernatural
    EP?? :’D

  10. _ Mickey _ says:

    Never Knew Lady GaGa played the Sims. XD

  11. Dylan Sunday says:

    I love the sims 2 music.

  12. Katie Hennessy says:

    This world is fantastic. Now sims can finally walk around with Sweet Treats
    dresses and not look ridiculous lol. I also adore all the families. They’re
    not the typical plain and perfect families you find in Sunset Valley but
    instead each family has a different look and story. Even the supposed
    flawless Doe family has got me curious! Still have no idea what they’re all
    about but I’m determined to find out what secrets they are hiding…
    they’re waaay too good to be real! Anybody know?

  13. Abi Leach says:


  14. Isla McTear says:

    Is that Lady Gaga’s voice?

  15. Marcus D'Orazio says:

    Like if this made you want to play The Sims 2

  16. Gui Fnac says:


  17. Mariah Cortes says:

    I want to get every single one of the Sims. I already have Sims 3 Pets,
    University, Supernatural, Town Life, Late Night, & Monte Vista. No life, I
    know. Lol.

  18. DreamEnchanted says:

    Lol billionaire hobo. 

  19. FrankieSimis · says:

    Sims 2 Nightlife Soundtarck

  20. Guitar Chick says:

    SIMS 2 MUSIC!!! YEAH!!

  21. thenameless50000 says:

    I so badly want this <3 I can make whatever sim I feel like :'D Usually,
    say, Bridgeport sims tend to be very flashy and modern. Appaloosa Plains
    sims tend to be ranch based. Midnight Hollow? Whatever the hell I want <3 

  22. Maalik Adams says:

    I have Supernatural installed with this town and why when a vampire go
    outside and it is dark as hell and they burn

  23. TheLucyGirlPack says:

    That song of the trailer is from The Sims 2! I love it!!

  24. Chen Will says:

    Why we can’t sell paintings.

  25. Agatha L says:

    sims 2 music nostalgia 

  26. SimPlumbob Lovers says:

    I definitely need to buy this!
    #SimHead #PlumbobGirl #Simaholic 

  27. Gabrielle Simpson says:

    I love the Sims 2 song in the background

  28. Aditya popmdna says:

    should i get this or roaring heights

  29. Izzy Grace says:

    Sims 1 music!?!

  30. Corina JBC says:

    is it only in this world that we can set up a store?? like in the sims 2? 

  31. Samantha Sparks says:

    They took some audio from the sims 2. lol

  32. Lacey Harper says:

    Oh, god. And this song????? <3

  33. Ellen Munsey says:

    I like that they’re using music from the old Sims 2 game. 🙂 Midnight
    Hollow sounds like my kind of place, where oddballs are normal people. ^_^

  34. Loyalty Queen says:

    Sims 1 music! YASSS

  35. yaren güven says:

    the sims 2 music <3

  36. Ezelia Starsong says:

    i dont even get the red sky during night time :c

  37. Girly Simmer says:

    I seriously hope they bring the sims 2 music to the sims 4 because the sims
    2 had the best music out of all of the sims games!

  38. xxBokicaxx says:

    OMG sims 2 background music! Oh the nostalgia!

  39. oliversmithlawrence says:


  40. Brittany Havens says:

    I love the sims 2 music

  41. Marry Jane says:

    Aww XD I can’t wait to try this!!.. looks so amazing :D

  42. GirlyGaming says:

    SIMS 2 MUSIC! 😀 Im so glad i have the sims 2 all expansions i dont think
    many people do.

  43. Hwoarang 화랑 says:

    Freaking love the mc hat at 0:27 xD

  44. ♥Rosie AJ♥ says:

    Does it snow in midnight hollow? Cause I badly want it to snow in the
    winter! And if the sun never shines they would all die.. lol

  45. Melissa Durbridge says:

    you know about that old school sims song! tuuuuune!

  46. KreeZafi says:

    I need to get this, it has so much awesome potential! Goth, steampunk,
    old-fashioned Victorian, cyber goth, punk, metal…. Holy damn, I wouldn’t
    even need my cc anymore!

  47. Ian Freelanders says:

    more like sleepy hollow 

  48. audrey williams says:

    omg the background song!!!

  49. Yudhi Teguh says:

    omg i love the music

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