The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow: Producer Gameplay Demo Part 2

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50 Responses

  1. Ashley Perez says:

    If it was free i be happy to buy it cuz my dad LOVES free stuff

  2. Jasmine Areblad says:

    did u make new makeup

  3. Trevurr IRL says:

    the hair style you were doing at 1:19 is literally nearly my hair and i’m a
    guy. i really hope that in sims 4 there will be more “feminine” or just
    overall more choices for male sims

  4. David Allen says:


  5. Keeper of Keys says:

    What do they mean children are hard to fit? If they’d do a little research
    they could have easily made some things for kids, teens and elderly. I’m a
    bit disappointed, this shoulda been my kind of thing.

  6. Alliee Sykes says:

    The guy’s curls looks like bad cc.

  7. Chloe Fuller says:

    ↖(^ω^)↗ So awesome!!

  8. KreeZafi says:

    I looove Midnight Hollow! It’s so beautiful, and I’ve really wanted to have
    more interesting looking NPC’s 😀 It’s wonderful with all the new stuff;
    Victorian, steampunk, cyber goth etc. Wonderful!

    The creators of The Sims really seem to like three things: Sci-fi, llamas
    and goth xD They are all reoccurring throughout all Sims games, 1-3!

  9. danielleveralee says:

    The electronic dreads exist. Can I say Sims is branching out and I love it.

  10. Macy Nicole says:

    Available in stores because it is a town not an expansion pack.

  11. Minecrafter Mama says:

    10am pacific time today, two hours from now.

  12. iBreMe15 says:

    I can’t be the only person who thought “Predator” when she showed the men’s
    dreads lol

  13. frost14hull says:


  14. Nadia Obando says:

    Do you have lolita style clothing? There are many styles of lolita as well.

  15. DedeRaM1 says:

    You should do a children pack stuff they don’t have almost anything that’s
    so unfair

  16. Selihan Llani says:

    i love the sims 3

  17. Carmel Webkinz says:

    I play sims 3 on xbox 360 and my toddler is named Tracy… I just wanted to
    ask, when I start a new game, if you make a toddler in create a sim, will
    it grow? I think it would, but I need a positive answer.

  18. Bacala Fittel says:

    Do a sims 3 teen stuff

  19. Simythesim Fanmail says:

    Do a children stuff pack with a bunch of CAS and new swimwear and stuff

  20. CC Micheal says:

    Thanks to midnight hollow 😀 i sell some off cars and i got many money and
    the details soo good very good well keep the good work :)

  21. Haley Sims says:

    The guys always get left out a bit more then the girls do, the curls in the
    hair honestly look horrible, the girls hair honestly is a bit more of an
    improvement. The kids boots have such bad resolution, etc, etc. The
    blocking is one of the only things that looks good. I love the sims 3 but I
    am slowly losing faith in it as the customer service is horrible and Origin
    is just as bad. Nothing EVER gets fixed like bugs and such. I am just
    really hoping that the sims 4 will be better.

  22. Gee Volk says:

    as always there’s not a lot of stuff for men!

  23. Seaweed Coffeetv says:

    8:38 XD

  24. Josh Gillespie says:

    i know, but i do also think its easier to make girl clothing… like the
    hairs and things. Plus i do understand why its hard to do a gothic world
    with stuff for kids.

  25. Joana Franco says:

    You could do a cute child creepy dolllll

  26. Selihan Llani says:

    cok guzel yes love it

  27. Emily Wojcik says:

    Its black not bronete

  28. selena Heart says:

    I love the town Midnight Hollow <3

  29. smidziak says:


  30. emilythekiwi says:


  31. Scott Sctt says:

    I love the first hair!

  32. Cavers97 says:

    MAKE SPORE 2!!! NAAAOOOOWW!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Nerd Sista says:

    I’m lovin the dreads. Both the regular and the electric

  34. lovingthedarksid says:

    hey guyys please come check out my channel and sub and help me reach 100
    subbies 🙂 hope to see you soon hope your having a simtastic day

  35. Jaci.S says:

    Can’t wait I’m so excited for this world!!!! I haven’t been so excited for
    a world since sunlit tides.

  36. PandaMewMew says:

    Poor male sim. He got all the ugly hair styles to deminstrate for this
    video. Hah…it’s all about the girls 😛

  37. randomloverchikk99 says:

    is this already out in Australia, if not when will it be?

  38. Dubstep Simmer says:

    So steampunk, I love it

  39. Lpsmagic818 says:

    Not as happy as I thought I would when this came out, Nothing for men, Only
    boots for children, SOME nice outfits and hair. I understand the sims 4 is
    coming, But seriously, you could of done better then this EA

  40. Eric Moyers says:

    LOL. People in the comment section are actually asking Sims producers to
    make expansions and add-ons “free”. (facepalm)

  41. mlama65262 says:

    You forgot about the skirt with the little legging things

  42. samuel pineda says:

    esta muy xulo en el estilo gótico y la ciudad

  43. zoobertXD says:

    Great video and btw I love your voice and laugh!!!

  44. CatLord McBradPitt says:

    ..for outfits too…please

  45. Tinewashere says:


  46. Alena Fly says:


  47. kwebbelientje says:

    O my god love the looks <3

  48. karen marcus says:

    i Love The sims3

  49. John Doe says:

    Glad i finally got the damn game to work turns out for some weird reason i
    have to load it windowed first then i can run it in fullscreen once the
    world loads…weird.

  50. ILoveCarrots5 says:

    What’s the name of the computer that she uses?

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