The Sims 3 Midnight Hollow: Producer Gameplay Demo Part 1

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50 Responses

  1. bribaybayx3 says:

    I just want The Sims 4 lol 🙂

  2. John Doe says:

    the problem is though is sims 3 items are freaking EXPENSIVE. yeah this set
    is nice but its like 20 bucks to get the full set and keep in mind there
    are like 8 or so other worlds out there too. i think the sims 3 has gone
    overboard on DLC in my opinion!

  3. Badd NT says:

    better than movie stuff lol

  4. ultrapokesim says:

    That’s a simpoint bundle, Midnight Hollow, bonus items, 7900 simpoints.
    That’s almost enough for 2 gold worlds! The world itself is the usual

  5. Music〈3 says:

    Was any one getting a pause sort of thing in their video

  6. fatima reyes says:

    I play sims freeplay

  7. Mary Love says:

    or you can download it for free !!

  8. Chase says:

    I love Lisa’s commentary so much ! 

  9. Neenornina says:

    Looks fab! One of my favourite in terms of attention to detail so
    definitely will be buying

  10. Joesims says:

    Just to be clear, those who are saying that the world is too expensive. To
    one extent I agree. However, this world is not $60. At the most, the gold
    version is $25 and the standard is less, so get your facts right.

  11. MatthewBoy11 says:

    Pirate bay all of these expansions. EA won’t take my money!!!!

  12. Adelin Zipman says:

    there is actally 13 floors

  13. Sydney K says:

    16:43 Lisa: Oh no this baby’s too lonely.. … ahahaha!

  14. Disco Simmer says:

    I love the sims freeplay

  15. iceys1113 says:

    no one has this kind of money >.< im going broke because of sims '.'

  16. Fleur Sipman says:

    this is the only town i have to get

  17. TheNightSimmer says:

    I really hope this gets released as a retail version eventually. I don’t
    have SimPoints and I am not using my credit card.

  18. Gladys Lugo says:

    Hi, Lisa my name is Gladys. I love sims, my son said I’m too old. is 52 old
    for a sims player. I hope not

  19. Coralia Theophile says:

    Chairmangaming, thank you. While I do want this, it’s priced more than an
    expansion pack

  20. KaspianTVI says:


  21. fuctupkid92627 says:

    Colonial Fence from supernatural

  22. 70Jules says:

    Love it…can’t wait to get my own…Thanks Lisa.

  23. Mahalia Guy says:

    Hi Lisa,I’ve been a fan of The Sims since the beginning I must say
    excellent work to you guys in EA.Long Live The Sims

  24. Patrick Beebee says:

    I love the sims 3 so much 🙂 I’m on my way to love the sims 4

  25. Julizei says:

    Can u make a producer walkthrough? They are awesome!

  26. Melody Weckel says:


  27. icey igloo says:

    Omg I love her!!

  28. Nerdy Raccoon says:

    This is the first world I’ve actually wanted in a while for my game.

  29. javoon16 says:

    They will sell it in stores, just not right away..

  30. charlottesvlogsdiary says:

    I paid about 3500 simpoints for this town, while it was/is on sale, I think
    after the sale it goes up for 3900 simpoints. So no, it doesn’t cost 60
    dollars, but it is still expensive, as most of the Sims 3 franchises.

  31. Because She's Star says:

    Great walk through Lisa! Thank you so much!

  32. balabablue says:

    Those photos really exist!

  33. John Doe says:

    i said dlc content in the sims 3 has gone overboard but you know what with
    the sims 4 i hope to see lots of new neigborhoods added might be willing to
    pay for some of them :-p since now your sims can visit any neightborhood
    without having to “move” fun.

  34. Tamara Huckleberry says:

    the bundle is 60 dollars and you get extra points the wolrd its self for
    the gold addition is 45 dollars learn to check things on on the store
    people, and I cant wait to get this world.

  35. British Simmer says:

    keeps buffering =-(

  36. GodsJesusHolyBilly4 says:

    Well said.

  37. John Doe says:

    the tile floors look kinda ugly and really are kinda a contrast to what the
    set is about….

  38. Kirsty Hoult says:

    If not im done with the sims that’s how bad I want the sims 3 store content

  39. jordan boyle says:

    omg , that doll…

  40. DIEGO CALVO says:

    its kinda expansion pack

  41. Jerald Lee says:

    Oh no! $60 is the cost for The Sims 4!

  42. Eli Harb says:

    You’re a bunch of greedy idiots EA and the sims franchise is slowly

  43. oshrat56789 says:

    why does the enterprize looks a lot like thw sims 2’s?

  44. minty smith says:

    Question what type of computer are you using to play the sims? plz help

  45. BeGorgeous SeeGorgeousAndSmile says:

    Windows 8 runs perfectly for me for my game it’s actually quite better!

  46. Lisa Mccall says:

    the full price for any gold version of the world is 4,350 points $43.50 ..
    k got that

  47. NarutoOndoFan says:

    It’s no more expensive than the other worlds. If your talking about the 60
    dollars, that’s a simpoint bundle, not for just the world.

  48. xdarkness22x says:

    Her voice and personality are so fun and happy. I also think this world is
    more like an ep.

  49. autumn hawks says:

    hi my game keeps crahsin gwhat can i do to make that stop ?

  50. Snootin09 says:

    No they won’t EA made is clear they weren’t going to do it any more for

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