The Sims 3 Live Broadcast – July 30, 2013

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  1. Camilo Roman says:

    ye they can but they need a special trait chip. didn’t you watch the end of
    the video?

  2. Jacqui Jac says:

    The Sims 3 Live Broadcast – July 30, 2013

  3. DisneyAndSpiritLover says:

    So that’s where the Maxis came from!! :P

  4. jack finster says:

    4:Will weather affect the future?

  5. SuperBubbleLover4 says:

    Y is it so hard to kill a sim on sims 3 than the ones before it. It kinda
    takes some of the challenge out of raising a sim for me.

  6. djkenna444 says:

    I need this in my life

  7. That One Girl says:

    sims 3 has come a long way. I remember when I was playing the sims 1 🙂

  8. SpartanXxX97 says:

    will this work with the sims 3 pets and seasons?

  9. Ekingvids says:

    hey the future will look better just you wait you will love it

  10. blackham7 says:

    in this one theres so much to do its overwhelming

  11. cj Jenkins says:

    cant wait to get the sims 3 into the future for Christmas it looks so

  12. Kira W. says:

    at 8:21 you’ll notice that the lady in the bottom left corner is on the
    screen in the back… weird :3

  13. EverythingNerdifying says:

    This comes out on Oct 22nd right?

  14. Elisa Sarah says:

    “Welcome to the Mall of Tomorrow~” soo futurama.. I cracked up.. big time.

  15. Purami says:

    When i get the game, i’m going to build GLaDOS. I’m going to build GLaDOS
    everywhere. I’m going to make so many references. I’m going to make a lot.

  16. Zelda Rose says:

    They have sims 3 and sims 3 pets for Xbox 360.

  17. Via Sims says:

    Skip to 12:30 for the start of the broadcast.

  18. Brian Cheung says:

    Wow … the 12 year old can do whatever she wants..its her own freaking
    life. And, maybe she can’t get both the expansion and Sims 4? -_- Don’t be
    a person who tries to take control of peoples’ lives.

  19. Zoya Abrahamsson says:

    I luv Kong Choi

  20. GirlGamer says:

    EA could you please make an expansion pack where you could enter the life
    of an animal like there is a magic thing and your pet enters it and then
    you could control ONLY your pet and go out in the world (like strays
    actually) and and that kind of things ( yh probably i can’t express well my
    idea , sorry ) But thumbs up if you agree with me :>

  21. Peyton Sing says:

    I’m so very very exited

  22. sgtwok says:

    because lawl, :3

  23. seemg13 says:

    Can you live in the future, like is it a neighborhood? Or is it like with
    World Adventures, where you can only vacation there?

  24. ObeyMyLyrics says:

    The thing I hate about the Sims is that we’re already wasting money on the
    expansion & stuff packs yet still we have to spend even more money on
    custom content. Yeah I understand EA has to make money but why not make
    custom content free? 

  25. McKenna Bittenbinder says:

    Can plumbots get Pregnant and WooHoo.

  26. Mitch Hawks says:

    It’s a full world where you can move permanently if you want

  27. Zane Catillo says:


  28. FashionG says:

    When i play the game i can’t see the game as a future.

  29. Katie Kazoo says:

    um my sims into the future has a glitch when the portal arrives, and my sim
    “inspects the portal” it takes almost 2 sim days and it dosn’t stop……
    PLZ HELP@!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Kbug stone says:

    u guys should make a duck dynasty themed sims pack

  31. xtremelykara says:

    Never mind

  32. ThePivotFan1998f says:

    cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait cant wait !!!!!!

  33. Jens G says:

    Do a mass effect themed expansion pack !please ?

  34. Left4DeadFan2010 says:

    I’m dying for the clothing and shopping for items part and the bot imporium
    and the nightclub and bar and selling bots this is the best Expansion pack
    since University and Late Night omg

  35. PortalFreak069 says:

    What do you think? Do robots get pregnant?

  36. Kendal G says:

    i wonder if plumbots can have jobs

  37. Missy Brocks says:

    I’ve Always wanted to buy clothes in a store

  38. ryan gutierrez says:

    make it online for ps3 and xbox360 

  39. Lucy Matthews says:

    How do u get a bike rack???????????????????

  40. hayleigh squared says:

    i want it!

  41. Gamzee Nitram says:

    your welcome.

  42. cortesetkatrinay says:

    Whoa. I absolutely know what you are saying. I was basically thinking of
    the same this morning. Since we’ve been thinking the same, it’s possible
    you are going to like this fun and amazing online game I stumbled onto…­­m

  43. seemg13 says:


  44. EMCProductions says:

    is it lagging?!?

  45. GeorgeElite says:

    hmm yeah robots 3 new dimensions and loads of new awesome stuff. nothing at

  46. here2comment1232 says:

    26:24 watch the video before you ask

  47. PortalFreak069 says:

    Random Guy: CALL IN THE MILITARY D: K.A.R.R: Nah….Let the chaos insue
    *Kills random guy by smashing skull*

  48. WhiteOreoCookiez says:

    This is me: 21:53

  49. Ellie Preston says:

    This was filmed on my b-day like oh my gosh

  50. nuclearthreat545 says:

    Its almost like you never played the game, they already have a DW

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