The Sims 3 Into the Future: Producer Walkthrough

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  1. Madde Peron says:

    You who make the sims games, can’t you make ”The sims 3 Hogwarts” or
    ”The sims 3 Harry Potter World” Plz? It would be awsome if you you will
    make one of that sims in the real future!! And I Think it could be good
    sold! You know, some people like Harry Potter, I’m one of them, so plz
    Think about this and try to make it if you can, Just so you guys know, you
    will make me really happy if you try to do it! Thanks! :D

  2. PrivateElmo says:

    When he said Robotanist it made me laugh my drink through my nose.

  3. Miranda Cavada says:

    4:56 is exactly how the actual gameplay of the Sims is like. Everything is
    unusual and nobody is dressed that normal.

  4. Laura Chapman says:

    Getting it soon yay

  5. Jailynn Britt says:

    looks too awesome

  6. mvilcis says:

    Looks like a nice expansion pack! And something that expansions pack should
    be. Not seasons, or pets lol

  7. Parker Blagburn says:


  8. Biekelinie says:

    That house at 1:50… So cooll

  9. Misty Pool says:

    Those of you who have genetically engineered a baby at the hospital (new
    feature in the EP,) when you randomize it, do you always get girls. I do. I
    have never gotten a boy.

  10. Kara Medlin says:

    i am soo torn between university life and into the future i need help!!!!

  11. FallenAngel CP says:

    I bought it yesterday its is AWESOME

  12. CubietewelVideo says:

    Man…. I want this! but sadly, I have mac and my sims 3 game keep
    crashing…. :,(

  13. Kayleigh McPherson says:


  14. manfagel says:

    I would love a patch that fixes the freezes in isla paradiso and other
    worlds, isla paradiso is absolutely impossible to play even every trick to
    reduce lag is followed, and pc is way over the minimum req.

  15. Lauren Torres says:

    so you can have a family in this? like kids and stuff?

  16. Dan Moehlenpah says:

    If Drake only sits by the computer all day how does he have decendance

  17. Natalie Hughes says:

    Is this as amazing as it looks, I’m not sure weather to get it and does it
    lag coz I just can’t stand lagging!

  18. restokki01 says:

    I really need to ask my mom tu buy this for me… This is so cool I cant
    wait the sims 4…

  19. Sam Love says:

    Why do The Sims 3 Store… The Exchange/Patterns allow pornography,
    anti-somatic, racist, pictures promoting suicides on their web site? 

  20. BelieveinBelaball says:

    The eutopian future is the Capitol 

  21. MєcнaMцffїи says:

    … Game Developers should’ve looked further into this expansion… You
    should be able to play in ‘The Future’ Yet ‘The Future’ is the present and
    the past is where you first started. I mean, what if you had a sim family
    that went GENERATIONS? That would be pretty awkward to have descendants who
    still lived in the same area, who had descendants from the STILL same
    future (Which may or may not STILL have you’re first Sims descendants.. )

  22. PppPlyr2 says:

    I’d love to have the house they built in this trailer! 

  23. Samuel Oliveira says:

    wooooo i like that *-*

  24. bgc020901 says:

    when I get this, since there’s no school in oasis landing, i’m thinking of
    adding the school from one of the present towns, putting it in the future,
    and calling it the “Classically Classic School of the Classics.”
    description: We here at Classically Classic School of the Classics, think
    that the old ways are much better than “learning pills,” or “thought
    chips.” we think that children and teens should be taught the classic way,
    hence our name. *When interviewed, this is their response* Q: “Do you think
    that your style is a bit old-schooled?” A:”Haha, I see what you did there,
    and yes, hundreds of years old actually.

  25. Grace Newman says:

    where is the house at the start?

  26. FMAiscool says:

    how is this a producer walkthrough when it’s just some voice over?

  27. Yasmeen Al says:

    WOW just WOW!!!!!! i wanna buy this:(

  28. AmyXRuby says:

    Iiiiii don’t like it.
    Edit: And wow I guess I’m like the only one who doesn’t.

  29. HomenajesPaulWalker says:

    their real names are drake redman,ethan osano and lily kraft lol!

  30. Jshaw71 says:

    This would have been a great platform release… as well as Ambitions too
    bad they didn’t get one…

  31. jkhill745 says:

    damn. i thought for sure that was a garden gnome. you fooled me.

  32. Maalik Adams says:

    4:51 hmm can that be in seasons

  33. mike mikee says:

    this game sucks , like all EA fucking games

  34. pr44 says:

    Is that house in the neighborhood or on the exchange? It looks really cool.

  35. sxcbbyloza says:

    just ordered this its coming tomorow ! Cant wait to play it yayy !

  36. Nora Aracely Covarrubias says:

    It would be so cool if there was The Sims Zombies Edition

  37. Yibei Singleton says:

    The wasteland and the vault reminds me of Fallout 8’D

  38. sim lover says:

    for sims 4 or 5 u should add multiplayer even if u don’t have the same
    stuff pakes or mods

  39. LarryMyster says:

    Professor: Fry, you moron, you are you’re the grandfather of yourself!
    Fry: Ewwwwwk!

  40. 01NateK says:

    There’s a car in it called the delorainne and it can only go 87 miles per

  41. Haley Spriggs says:

    it wont let two of my sims go to the future what do i need to do?

  42. SimgmProductions says:

    We’re still a fan of Sims 2 on my channel.

  43. Andrew Wallace says:

    they should have put that house on the exchange or had it available in the
    town!! I want it 

  44. TheAnnieAppletree says:

    I need too get this!!

  45. Ling Lang says:

    Love for there to be more sims on consoles…that’d be tight.

  46. Kaila Massa says:

    Need this

  47. rachel m says:

    The waste land reminds me of the desert from strangeville sims on nintendo

  48. EatBugsSeeGod says:


  49. Michaela Albury says:

    4:38 Where did Drake get the giant magnet?

  50. Hmain xxx says:

    time traveler
    emit relevart
    emits name is time traveler backwards

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