The Sims 3: Into The Future Gameplay – The Plumbots!

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  1. Osmone Everony says:

    You woohoo with bots? How sick is that!

  2. Raima ja says:

    amm I think it is island paradise…

  3. Maudy Sluimer says:

    Can you have plumbot baby’s???

  4. Christopher Rife says:


  5. HelloKittyRecy7 says:

    the sims 3 just raped my youtube timeline O_o

  6. SofeeSims -x says:

    I’m recently started my channel and would love if you could check it out
    and subscribe if you like it! I make Sims 3, Minecraft and other let’s play
    videos 🙂 <3

  7. BretonHatter says:


  8. Myles Williams says:

    I pre ordered it on the 24th but it hasn’t come yet, Did I get the release
    date wrong? I’m in the UK BTW.

  9. Rodrigo Carrio says:

    this video is soooo LOL!!

  10. Blu Wolf GamR says:


  11. UnboxingndReviews says:

    The release date is 25th October so its still about 27 days left until it
    is released 🙂

  12. Omran Al-kandari says:

    Ahhhh great !

  13. wolfpack4lifex8 says:

    nope, comes out October 22.

  14. Risheaun Moore says:

    I think it would be great to make a sims 3 game where you can build and own
    a hotel.

  15. LunaSimsGaming says:

    It’s still redundant.

  16. Simmer Girl says:

    ok thank you! i can not waiT!

  17. Amber Tin says:

    The little floaty thingies

  18. Savannah Simpson says:

    Less of this and more of THE SIMS 4!!!

  19. PendulumWing says:

    omg those sprites are adorable

  20. Calamity556 says:

    There was one Plumbot who was such a bitch towards my character, so he
    knocked her out and ripped out her Sinister Circuits Trait Chip. lol

  21. RavynLuna1113 says:

    That’s pretty interesting. Finally, a legitimate expansion pack and not
    just a couple of “unique” items. 🙂

  22. Lena Muo says:

    i want a plumbot in real life 🙂

  23. Alberto Canela says:

    I want to see the hole live broadcast, not this small parts

  24. Sarah Splash says:

    LOVE THIS! 😀

  25. HallelujahMountains says:

    I’ll take one for free and do a review for you? 😛

  26. Karen David says:

    wow got to get it

  27. dealwithitxo says:

    what the fuck, sprites are bullshit

  28. Walla Walla Bing Bang says:

    I made a plumbot that looks like a human sim. his name is ST4N-L33 and he
    is awesome 😀 Took a hell of a lot of cheating to get him but it was
    totally worth it.

  29. NerdlessGaming says:

    i mean like

  30. Osmone Everony says:

    This is not redundant at all. 1. Simbots are an annoyance because they need
    to be micro managed like regular Sims but Plumbots are fully programmable.
    You can have them just do the housework or the gardening if you like and
    once they are done they head back to their charging station. 2. The
    Ambitions time machine was just a rabbit hole while Oasis Landing is a
    “real” neighborhood which you can travel to – and in case you don’t know,
    there are three different types of Oasis Landing.

  31. KingLink95 says:

    How, Ambitions can’t do near what this ep can do.

  32. ParadoxRemedy says:

    Yay! More fun Sim things. 🙂

  33. Liam Smeester says:

    It would probably jump off a building.

  34. aquabubbles13 says:

    watching this at school!MWAHAHAHAHA!

  35. Hoennful says:

    I can’t wait for this now!

  36. amber gamble says:

    domo arigoto mr plumboto

  37. Xaviera Romeijn says:

    Sims is the best game ever Sims is the best game ever

  38. KallumPlays says:

    you can tell they are exited just by all the effort and game plays they’ve

  39. TheBlack0alice says:

    My impression on Plumboto 2.0 : …That’s a HE?! He’s so fabulous!!

  40. Arthur Frisk says:


  41. Jazzy ROX says:

    You misspelled Love button

  42. Frances Hernandez says:

    SIMS 4!!! Work more on sims 4!!!!

  43. Vania Saragih says:

    is this for computer or another platform? :/

  44. HulkVahkiin says:

    Can’t wait

  45. Kirsten Marks says:

    This is the most excited I’ve been for an EP since seasons!

  46. Baby Tiana says:

    Woah watching all these demo’s & gameplay makes me wanna get on sims 3
    right now lmao.

  47. Scott Pleska says:

    Sims 4

  48. tinkaxoxo says:

    you mean like… island paradise?

  49. idycass says:

    Please watch my channel for lp im a newbe xoxo

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