The Sims 3: Into The Future Gameplay – Quantum Power Pack

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  1. AEwell5858 says:

    I pre ordered the LE from Amazon Id better get this!

  2. MrMirageCaster says:

    Let the teenagers play, just store your parents in the closet

  3. McSpeak For All Conservatives says:

    Where do I redeem my code? I have no idea 🙁

  4. RockerRedBlood says:

    is anyone else super obsessed with the little chime/theme that marks the
    end of the video??

  5. TheFlyWahine says:

    Yeah but where do I actaly find them ingame? Buy, invent? Because I cand
    find the suit and the stasis pod. =(

  6. reven304 says:

    thanks so much 🙂

  7. Zoe Gittings says:
  8. Nicholas Totton says:

    Don’t worry. EA will be more than happy to sell it to you on the day of
    release for $4.99.

  9. Faust013 says:

    CRYO, Not CRYAL. o_O

  10. painkller jogos says:


  11. kxr210071 says:

    I hate limited edition stuff because I get my games from steam not from

  12. Jarod Thaler says:

    I can’t find the chamber in the store. Where is it?

  13. CraftMinerFan99 says:

    I’m so using this to preserve relatives for years in my cellar =)

  14. Jazzy ROX says:

    Yes they do 😀

  15. Dana Fi says:

    Good good

  16. Coco Phobia says:


    D. Brian , I did have the same problem as you 🙂 I got the limited addition
    and I couldn’t figure out how to get the quantum power pack , I looked on
    the Sims 3 forums , wiki and youtube , nothing . until I figured out my
    self 😛 watched this video today 😀 then I got my disc cover package thingy
    , and looked at all the leaflets , on the last on at the back I found ….
    ” Exclusive limited edition contend !” do you know how happy I was to find
    that 😀 but your code should be at the bottom of that leaflet , check all
    the leaflets btw, and make sure you do actually havethe limited addition
    pack 😀
    hopefully this will work for you and others :D

  17. Lady-Nina says:

    That quantom power suit looks so much like something out of Mass Effect 😛

  18. Rachael Temple says:

    its not letting me download it because it says it has already been used!

  19. Erik Stern says:

    Add high tech things like shrink rays, and make simpler parts of new high
    tech stuff for free

  20. HIGHTOWERX1000 says:

    If I buy into the future now can I still get this?

  21. catherine wale says:

    hello thesims creators i just wanted to give you some few idea’s on the
    sims3 i know you people are working hard on sims4 but i would love to you
    guys to make the sims3 barbie dreamhouse stuff with new hairs and clothes
    line and cars new things for those people who love to play sims3 i really
    hope you guys read this !! 🙁 i love sims3 soo much i have more idea’s in
    my mind to share off to create more fun and cool new things on sims worlds
    to enjoy!

  22. Ben Howard says:

    i think it’s in Electronics – Miscellaneous.

  23. SirWavoli says:

    Suggest * ( using my iPod 😉 )

  24. barbaraisnotfunny says:

    You mean its testingcheatsenabled

  25. awsomepeep says:

    Can’t I just use testingcheats for all that?

  26. Icy Block says:

    I have the limited edition but I can’t find the power chamber!

  27. LeannLeannProduction says:

    THAT IS AWESOME. I need this! Now! Ah you guys sure now how to keep people
    satisfied until Sims 4 comes out! xD

  28. Adrian Manuel says:


  29. antongarcia101 says:

    i like your voice…….i wanna lick it…

  30. fuzzyblond99 says:

    It’s like Star Wars 5 when Han Solo gets frozen by Jaba the Hut 😀

  31. Gmovies123 says:

    is it also a stuff pack?

  32. ShinHayateChannel says:

    strange voice 🙂

  33. Francisco Oliveira says:

    Very cool but i have cheats

  34. DarkTemplarlord says:

    i dont get why i cant get use powersuit. Cryo chamber works fine but
    powersuit dosent every time i try to wield powersuit sims just without

  35. Impstar says:

    its like the sims 2s rejuvination chamber

  36. carlysky815 says:

    I want to pre order but I think I’m gone if I don’t

  37. Gabby D says:

    GOD DAMMIT!!! Wish I knew this!!! Would’ve pre ordered it!!!!!

  38. reven304 says:

    Where do I find the chamber I can’t find it ????? Help

  39. zacharyz3 says:

    Now that is cheating

  40. SirWavoli says:

    😀 meh want, also just a side note, can anyone gym a link to a site that
    will help me speed up the sims ? I have looked at a few before but there
    methods don’t seem to speed it up to the way it was when it was first
    installed. I would uninstall the sims but who’s got time to do all the
    extension packs and DC to ?

  41. SaraBauerRose says:

    I tried pre-ordering the game so I could get this, but origin tells me that
    my order could not be completed. I’ve been trying for days now. Guess I’m
    not gonna be able to get this.

  42. Katie TheSimmer says:


  43. MrKempofist says:

    So, is this only gettable when one pre-orders the game?

  44. Aalyiah Douglas says:


  45. Grzegorz Urbaniak says:

    COVER on box is official?

  46. Line Pigen says:

    This is cool… But you can already do this by the Testingcheatsenabled
    true cheat… Doesn’t anybody got time to waste money 😉

  47. Savannah Simpson says:

    What about the sims 4?

  48. Gardith D says:

    YOU DONT NEED THIS I USE THE CHEATS lol sry for shouting just press
    shift-ctrl-c and type testingcheatsenabled true then press enter and you
    can move the bar to change the needs

  49. Korbis Barkly says:

    *Has been wanting Stasis Pod in The Sims ever since TS2 came out*
    *Pre-Order Exclusive* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  50. Juan C. Sfalcin says:

    Mass Effect much? haha

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