The Sims 3 Into the Future – Gameplay – Dystopian Future

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48 Responses

  1. Allison Taylor says:

    can you two please talk louder, its annoying.

  2. RAR Sings says:

    I want to play the sims but i am not a teen i am 9 but i really want to
    play it its not fair i mean the kids who want to play it but they can’t
    cause there not a teen i am not ether im done my life is ruind!!!!!!

  3. Robert Ranweiler says:

    Lol their making their own lp’s.

  4. carnivorousfishies says:

    This is so cool, I wish my computer worked 🙁

  5. Samoy Morrant says:


  6. CassieAllStar MC says:

    PLZ PUT OUT AN XBOX VERSION I don’t have a computer and can’t afford one
    but I need the sims 4

  7. Michael Bachelor says:

    This reminds me of fallout

  8. Voron Agrrav says:

    My Sim got hit by a meteor once… it wasn’t funny i got Scorched Nothing

  9. matt lindsay says:


  10. Daniel Santiago says:


  11. TheCooperRenoShow says:


  12. Kpoplover1994Backup says:


  13. Nagneto says:

    Are there like secret police roaming the streets to harass your sims? It’s
    not dystoipa without secret police!

  14. Christian Shelton says:

    And that’s what happens when you trash the earth so much. 

  15. MissBelle Martin says:


  16. OAntigoTypre says:

    sims sims sims gabriella 6666666666666666666666666

  17. BB11official says:

    It is cool! Love it!

  18. İdil Kar says:

    i go to dystopian and it is realy weird but utopia is amazing

  19. tmmaston says:

    Oasis Landing is now looking a Hot Mess

  20. 70Jules says:

    Waiting for my Lap top I hope I get it tomorrow because I miss my Sims3
    games…and I don’t think Sims 4 was advertised to soon , it doesn’t matter
    still going to get my Sims3 games and then when the Sims 4 comes out I will
    work on getting them too. Love the sims.

  21. Brittany C says:

    My computer must be going out because I can’t hear a thing!! >:0 lol

  22. Game Cherry says:

    Love this! Just got into the future today!

  23. Chris Cunningham says:

    HAY!! i love the sims and can’t wait for the sims 4 but a mac user like me
    can’t enjoy the game if it isn’t on my platform! a I’m very mad but please
    make a mac version of the sims 4!

  24. GODOFMAYHEM96 says:

    I wonder… can you play as a vampire with into the future and if so, do
    they burn up in the dystopia or does it really not have effective sunlight?

  25. Helder Nascimento says:

    Te amo the sims

  26. Noah Washburn says:

    Did anybody else see the invisible sim at 1:20…?

  27. SaraBauerRose says:

    How long is it gonna be until stores actually put this out on their
    shelves? Because origin wouldn’t let me pre-order it so now I have to wait
    until I can actually buy it in stores.

  28. Tex Combe says:

    On the hoverboard?

  29. Kirah Pringle says:

    tbh this expansion pack looks boring .-.

  30. heyitspengy says:

    :L into the future didnot work on my llaptop it ruined my sims

  31. StalePhish says:

    Until they do, just turn up the volume

  32. Nicole Reynolds says:


  33. MsPixoy says:

    Well, how would one go about seeing an INVISIBLE sim? xD

  34. Alannah C says:

    Usually the same day.

  35. fsgtjohnson says:

    love this game! i just wish your sims can go to the past [not back to
    current time] lol

  36. westonman211 says:


  37. Mendel Fuchs says:

    the paper on the table works as green screen?

  38. icedragonbreath says:

    I have my volume all the way up on the video and my computer and I can
    barely hear them.

  39. James Sultana says:

    @ RAR Sings

    I have been playing sims since I was 5, I am 13 now 

  40. Woohoo Amazingness says:

    Her iPad turned into what’s going on in game!!!!

  41. Kenny Mackey says:

    Today’s the day

  42. OAntigoTypre says:


  43. SaraBauerRose says:

    Well I know stores have it in stock in their warehouses, but they haven’t
    put them out on their shelves yet even though the release date was
    yesterday. Frustrating because I can’t afford the extra shipping cost to
    get it shipped to the store so I can pick it up there.

  44. Duckodile23 says:

    Hi everyone.

  45. JayManClayton says:

    yeepi! jouons dans les déchets XD j’adore ce jeu et l’innocence des sims 😛

  46. Maga Amante says:

    It’s kinda blurry

  47. giovanni fonseca says:

    ah cara q droga vcs o

  48. Siobhan M says:

    So awesome! Love The Sims

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