The Sims 3 Into the Future – Gameplay – Building a Dystopia

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  1. Kayla F says:

    My god guys stop saying all those mean stuff about EA. They are doing their
    best at making the games so don’t go around saying they are greedy when you
    don’t know the truth. I’m sure they worked hard to make the games! And with
    the sims 4 you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. -.-

  2. ToastyToast says:

    My name is Emmett I know it’s not the way you spell it but it’s still
    pretty awesome maybe I’ll look like that in the future!

  3. dean richardson says:

    dystopian future someone make the fabulos killjoys

  4. Brigid Archibald says:

    How does this not have like a hundred comments already?

  5. oGJackL says:

    Still. I dislike where The Sims is going, EA seems to be more in control
    than Maxis and I’ve experienced what happens when EA has more control,
    everything goes horribly, simply because EA only cares about money rather
    than customer satisfaction.

  6. Bran A. says:

    You’re wrong. If people didn’t play it, it wouldn’t be the best-selling PC
    franchise of all time.

  7. MainlyMasey says:

    I have a really bad glitch in my game, The new future remote it not working
    each time I click on it it doesn’t do .I have went to the park and clicked
    on the statue and still nothing. Help?

  8. Adam Moloo says:

    i already saw this in the live broadcast. why do they delete the broadcast
    and show this again?

  9. Nana Matel says:

    I love your house I want the staircase

  10. Hylía says:

    What exactly are you asking for? I think the expansions are pretty cool, so
    I’m just wondering why you don’t think it has improved.

  11. Jessica Fisher says:

    Stop being rude to a huge company 🙁 you guys make me sick if you say that
    to EA games

  12. oGJackL says:

    I haven’t. The Sims 4 is going to be terrible from what I can see. This
    expansion pack will be the last thing I ever buy from EA.

  13. tvalleyhigh says:

    Hey guys check out my channel for a sims 3 Halloween video

  14. jenjenjenhi says:

    Because ppl dont play sims anymore

  15. Maya Clevenstine says:

    Can somebody gift me something at Mecatech123

  16. simmerhaze says:

    Emmett seems cute :3

  17. nicecubby says:

    Yeah thats a year from now and it was advertised in May I think and that
    was WAY to early

  18. jack finster says:

    What sbout the Sims 5? (if that will exist)

  19. oliks731 says:

    sims 4 =]

  20. JustRickolo says:

    i am still interested in the sims 3, (even more than the sims 4).

  21. Duckodile23 says:

    Hi everyone.

  22. bbomg02 says:

    If I had a properly working computer and enough money I would buy this. But
    I will not pay 60 bucks without watching lps on the Sims 4. I haven’t liked
    much from the start. But if it turns out good and is cheap on Amazon plus
    my computer works there may be a possibility.

  23. ThaPyngwyn says:

    I’ve been losing interest in The Sims 3 since The Sims 3 was released; the
    Sims 2 is still my favorite. EAxis fell out of touch with the “Sims magic”
    in The Sims 3, and I’m not eager to be taken for fourth ride.

  24. MiSugarsimful says:

    I luv the Sims ITF Expansion, I liked this video too :D

  25. Predictable1 says:

    They always announce the new game before the last or even the last two
    expansions of the old game. I remember they did it that way with the
    previous Sims games (Sims 1 to 2 & Sims 2 to 3). It’s all about marketing,
    and they know how to work it out, cause it actually always works.

  26. Gizmo Alot says:

    You literately just said that on one of EA’s channels.

  27. Carlton D'Souza says:

    I agree with Rickolo

  28. matt lindsay says:


  29. Lauren Corcoran says:

    Check the simstagram community on instagram, nobody there has lost interest
    in ts3 and people around the world still play the older versions of sims 🙂

  30. amiee bryant says:

    Delete the rober he takes all of my stof

  31. Ky Zaah says:

    this is the last expansion pack for sims3, and sims4 doesn’t come out until
    fall 2014…

  32. Shir Elblink says:

    did anyone else thought of emmet brown (doc) from back to the future when
    she said that the time travel guy’s name is emmet?

  33. Josh Jones says:

    I would have to agree i’m just waiting for the sims 4 now…

  34. Gettin Serious says:

    What you have seen was an early alpha version of the sims 4. It was
    offcially confirmed that it will come in Fall of 2014, so don’t judge
    because you haven’t seen jack shit yet !

  35. PWeeetsh says:

    Its true.. ’cause most of the people are more interested in the sims 4

  36. MariaWoods99 says:

    I think they advertised the Sims 4 too early. Too many people have lost
    interest in the Sims 3 since the announcement of Sims 4. Too early, too
    damn early.

  37. Don't Feed the Trolls says:

    I did, but his name is actually Emit. Emit Relevart, which is ‘Time
    Traveler’ backwards. Just sayin’

  38. Cissy Marby says:

    How do you rotate the camera? Pls respond 🙁

  39. Archie Sims says:

    I know this probably the best place to get an answer, but do you know what
    happens if you have, for example, two Sims in one household who are
    actively trying to change the future in different ways? Like, what if one
    guy creates a dystopian future, and another creating a utopia? Could you
    then choose between to two? Or is there only one future available at a time?

  40. Gettin Serious says:

    Yeah EA are probably the greediest assholes, period ! No wonder they got
    the worst company.

  41. balabablue says:

    I took my dog for a walk at that park.

  42. Kirlyfish says:

    Nope, not me. STILL very excited!

  43. oGJackL says:

    Well, I have said at some point that I say I won’t buy it, but then they’ll
    stick in a killer selling point and I’ll go out and buy it anyway, but I
    don’t plan on buying anything else from EA, ever.

  44. Shaneka Hill says:

    I love sims but if seasons is not with sims 4 I will not buy it I know they
    make money by selling is bits and pieces of the game at a time but the
    least they can do it let seasons be in the base game

  45. Marion Sensei says:

    yea and they will have to wait a yearish for it to come out

  46. 'Ακης Σ.' says:

    Just The Sims 4 Looks.. Terrible.. For me.

  47. atuarre2 says:

    Sims 4 release date is Fall 2014. How is that too early? If you have lost
    interest in the Sims 3 then you have a LOT of waiting to do.

  48. A Bestwn Girl says:

    It’s 2014 and maybe in a couple of weeks they will reveal more. Plus into
    the future was a great send off 

  49. ashley eberhardinger says:

    dang i still play the sims 1 and 2 and cant wait to get into the future….

  50. Gettin Serious says:

    True, but it is said that Maxis is the main developer for the sims 4 and
    judging by the easter eggs they made on the arrival video it will have a
    lot of sims 2 refferences. I just know that this game is going to be good.

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