The Sims 3: Into The Future Gameplay – All New Future Fashion

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  1. Mrs. Kirk says:

    They should call it “The Fame Monster hairstyle”! xD

  2. Matthew Lynch says:

    Yeah. They do. I guess Oasis Landing (In normal mode) could be the capital,
    and the wasteland District Thirteen. The only difference being the fact
    that they’re right next to each other.

  3. K8eGator says:

    I am so excited. I’m going to use plumbobs for EVERYTHING! Gardening,
    Nanny, Cook. I’m so excited! WOOHUOO!!!!!

  4. Miller Olsen says:

    Does it come on the PS3

  5. kate krone says:

    I wonder if people from the capitol helped with the design aspect of this
    expansion pack.

  6. Centerfold Skye says:

    I want the game but that eye makeup was gruesome.

  7. Kristi Illingworth says:

    So Effie from Hunger Games.

  8. Anne Cotter says:

    Please help me! i was playing the sims and poof! both my sims were
    glitching! is there something that can fix it? i was teleporting them and
    making then ride horses and move and make a snow angel but nothing worked!
    please help me!

  9. Thesims3rocks1 says:

    Your profile pic is aya from mad father 😀

  10. KodyTubeVlogs says:

    they didn’t show anything they should of used smart sim on there dumb EA
    workers and make 2 clicks and made the whole video public stupid EA

  11. Peached Whale says:

    Sperm….there is sperm on the trousers

  12. stefan dijkstra says:

    Its just the hunger games capital

  13. jasbiebz says:

    Jasmine brought me here!

  14. Rachel Burnett says:

    Yeah, an expansion focused on the aliens would be awesome, I feel like
    there is a lot they could focus on there. Like planet Sixam.

  15. $ima says:

    to spit on additions! ! ! I wait Sims 4… but this addition Very COOl

  16. MystyrNile says:

    Fashion aint gameplay.

  17. littlecoolgirl2000 says:

    the clothes remind me more of the fifties not the future

  18. GamingGremlin123 says:

    3 more days. I am dying!!!

  19. TheFishKebab says:

    Sims 3 team: shamelessly ripping off modders since Generations

  20. XchaosXgamingX says:

    Make this for sim city 😀

  21. zoerickard says:

    I would have appreciated all these short videos rolled into one, instead of
    Sims stuff clogging my subscription feed. Generally, when a channel ‘spams’
    my subscription feed, I feel inclined to unsubscribe from them to get rid
    of the mess!

  22. Mickey Mouse says:

    кто русский лайк

  23. UnderworldSelene01 says:

    finally some new make-ups!!!!!

  24. OceanOfTwilight says:

    thats what i thought. very capital!

  25. Laura Puleo says:

    That’s something like Hunger Games, the style is similar! COOL!

  26. Hylía says:

    When I heard the word Lana all I could think of was the Lana from
    Piinksim’s Ambitions Let’s Play. ♥

  27. Katherine Trivic says:

    first ep i don’t really…

  28. We Cant Love says:

    It’s like The Hunger Games

  29. Heikkuliini says:

    I want this!

  30. lalalots11 says:

    Oh my gosh I wants

  31. thepokekid01 says:

    I think they already said no… but I wish this expansion pack had Cyborgs
    and Augmented Sims. I feel like… we can’t have a TRUE future Sci Fi game
    without covering Cyber Punk as well! (Also where are the aliens?! I guess
    they are already in sims 3… how fast I forget… Cyborgs are NOT! And for
    aliens I mean more Star Trek/ Star Wars styled Aliens, it would be cool if
    they could re-purpose some of the Spore code/algorithms to have a more
    detailed aliens creator in this… Maybe Sims 4 EP?)

  32. Emily Mendez says:

    I have in to the future.I love this one.

  33. jakester0852 says:

    hahahahha i laughed sooo much that was funny…. toatly see that now..

  34. Moyûga Asari says:

    And may the odd be ever in your favor. 🙂

  35. Kawiasta says:

    Spoiler :<

  36. Amber Tin says:

    Nooo! I don’t want my grandchildren to have THAT hair! (1:08)

  37. KisshuKisshuFUSION says:

    You come out three days before my birthday! 😀 🙂 !

  38. kirlia759 says:


  39. Zoey Blauer says:


  40. Daniel says:

    this shit sucks.

  41. MsElsuliini says:

    She already does

  42. Forbidden Blue says:

    This should be like a lady gaga stuff pack

  43. channlovesyou says:

    Thats apparently what it was based on (:

  44. tvalleyhigh says:

    all the clothes are soooo colorful!! Pleas check out my channel for a sims
    3 lp. thanx

  45. sim player says:

    can i install the sims 3 online?
    I just love it i had it before but it got delited i don’t have a CD.

  46. bellagoth23 says:

    Eh. I might pass on this. The clothes aren’t selling it for me. Neither is
    the gameplay. Guess i’ll wait until summer 2014. The price should go down
    by then.

  47. Dava Kielb says:

    Just 4 more days!!

  48. Leslie Leon says:

    I love some

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