The Sims 3 Into the Future – Bug Collecting in Dystopia

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  1. Claudia Kupcake says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  2. SimsTV says:

    Hello the Sims and I was wondering if in the Sims 4 you could put some
    popular music like from Miley Cyrus and more Luke Bryan and Taylor Swift
    one direction that one was for my sister and a little bit more of like
    songs that are in I think will be best if you could plug new popular music
    that comes out during the Sims for Katy Perry and I think that will be
    pretty cool to have a some new songs of people to listen to them to be
    pretty cool

    Just base game songs theme song just having more of the new songs but still
    keep base game like from sims 2 just some tips of what i heard from other

  3. Avalon Young says:


  4. Maddi Christou says:


  5. TheGamer Silver says:

    Why the new DLCs have problems? like this: my game stop 3 seconds and after
    that time it start runing in the normal form

  6. Archie Sims says:

    ‘Slimy and satisfying’. Haha, watch out EA, Disney will get you for that
    one =P

  7. Marita768 says:

    I hope I’m getting it today

  8. Scott Pleska says:

    The sims4

  9. PROgames Lets Plays :) says:

    you should make one more expansion called crime time where you can go to
    jail and do bad things eg stealing murder kidnap ect plz like i dont want
    sims 3 to go just yet and it will be fun 

  10. Scott Pleska says:

    This problem I can come see into the future but I got it but now it wont
    let me install it because I’m not in the updates I want to try to update it
    it won’t work what do i do please help me

  11. Daniele Lima says:

    I love the sims 3 , is perfect game !

  12. Giercownik7 says:

    I also did a little “bug” collecting! I found 13 save errors, 32 graphical
    issues, 7 critical logic errors and 4 crashes to desktop! All of these in
    just one day!

  13. bambi Mc says:

    Gahhh i want this sooooooo bad!!

  14. Emilie Riley says:

    where is the update to install into the future :L?

  15. Lola PL says:

    I’ve got into to future 🙂 it’s good

  16. Sitallday4sims says:

    20th bitches

  17. Grace Stanat says:


  18. Hylía says:

    Does it really matter what number your comment is? It’s like someone
    waiting in line at the supermarket and screaming “WOO! I’M NUMBER 57!”.

  19. Mendel Fuchs says:


  20. Myles Spencer says:

    LION KING REFERENCE!!!!!!!!! 😀

  21. balabablue says:


  22. Scott Pleska says:

    🙁 🙁 :-[

  23. William Dyjée says:


  24. myowncomputerstuff says:

    enough comments about comments! Sims. Can eat. Bugs.

  25. Mari Chapps says:

    Did you just quote the lion king?

  26. MrAuto16 says:

    Lag pc

  27. matt lindsay says:


  28. Maria Simina says:

    Sims 4 everybody?

  29. Debbie Simmer says:

    How do you turn with out mouse? I WANT TO!

  30. mynameisnotapplicable says:

    Nobody cares who h like or comment you got

  31. tvalleyhigh says:

    I really want to do a lets play on this expansion pack

  32. Halli Jaz says:

    PLEASE EA READ THIS COMMENT!!!! I kindly ask you to make a expainsion pack
    about Cimorelli beacuse Katy Perry cannot get all the attention other
    pepole need attention too Thumbs up if u agree

  33. xXxTormentedSouls999xXx says:

    im too excited with this game! cant wait till christmas!

  34. alexbenji1 says:


  35. Derek Ke says:

    0:17 Even EA can ‘t fix the freeze bug,Please try to hide it in ur own

  36. Scott Pleska says:

    THE SIMS 4

  37. Scott Pleska says:

    More of the Sims 4, please;-)

  38. Scott Pleska says:

    I can’t get into the future I don’t have enough money

  39. Scott Pleska says:

    I got The Sims 3 InTo The Future, yes!!!!!

  40. Alexa Simmer says:

    Can anyone please help me!!!! I have Sims 3 and always when I download new
    Expantion pack or if I update it is says: ,,There was an error during
    Setup. PLease see the Log for more Details” What should I do???

  41. Jessi Yo says:

    And i want this cant wait !!

  42. Alessandra Soliven says:

    to Me the title the says “hunting sum bitches in tha ghetto”

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