The Sims 3 Gameplay – Midnight Hollow’s Savvy Store Collection

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  1. ThePolkadog says:

    I really like the person playing this. She seems so bright and cheerful

  2. Corina JBC says:

    is it only in this world that we can set up a store? like sims 2?

  3. Mimos Meep says:

    golly this looks cool

  4. ragged07 says:

    Thank you!! I had been messing with understanding pricing almost all day. I
    am subscribing!

  5. Daniel Pagowski says:


  6. evakarin21 says:

    that’s what I was wondering too. In the sims 2 open for business I used to
    make stores in my home it was kinda cute

  7. Helena Rothwell says:

    I opened a store at my Sim’s home but there are never customers ;/

  8. Happy Phantom says:

    So how do you get your “own” store? Is it a new lot type? You pick an empty
    lot, change it to store then build your own? I get how you actually sell
    the items but how do you separate the store from your home? Surely you
    don’t use the same lot as your home lot.

  9. Kit Kate says:

    How do you sell wall T.V.s? Do you place them above a rug or…?

  10. Lucy x says:

    Sims 2 music!!!

  11. Midnightsimmer says:

    IKR? We could save them to the library and add them here

  12. AlyssaGB89 says:

    No matter what I do, I can’t run the cash register, or hire anyone to do it
    for me. Every time that I click on the register, it says that the store is
    closed. My Sim also browses the place like she wants to purchase her own

  13. M.L. Slider says:

    I like the town a lot but the main reson i will buy it is because the store

  14. Nicholas Gunther says:

    I seriously love Lisa so much! She’s my favourite SimGuru by far! <3

  15. mslita09 says:

    Same here!

  16. fashionartists says:

    you purchase a community lot (a park for example) and then you set up your
    store there. It’s not a good idea to do one on your home lot because townie
    sims don’t visit your home randomly, only when you invite them.

  17. fashionartists says:

    You’d probably get customers if you put it on a community lot. Or you could
    try inviting sims over.

  18. ❤Miss.Xiuney❤ says:

    you don’t need to get it or play in the can still get the stuff

  19. Jakobie Shepheard says:

    If only we could sell clothes I would make Rue21 on there lmao c;

  20. Manilette Ann Fernandez says:

    I see they brought OFB back now. Nice.

  21. dainta says:

    I don’t believe that store items will ever be available on discs.

  22. lona west says:

    The only crime here is i half to get wifi agiin to get it!!! TAT

  23. Happy Phantom says:

    I don’t understand. Do you purchase the lot then put stuff in it? How do
    you make this store “yours?”

  24. mslita09 says:

    Except now you can move them to the new neighborhoods, so it’s all good. 🙂

  25. katie sims says:

    I think you guys should bring grocery stores back into the sims when you
    make the sims four n clothing shops would be cool too but I also like that
    we can choose any outfit any time we want .. So that w

  26. bloo_kaz00 says:

    I <3 her sooo much. My favorite SimGuru!!

  27. Photography&Horror. says:


  28. katie sims says:

    That one is kinda iffy for me.. Sorry pressed done too quickly xD

  29. Hannah Last says:


  30. ChummyChumster says:


  31. Marlius Boe says:


  32. Peyton Smith says:

    why does ea insist on giving us bits and pieces of the broadcasts

  33. YoshiRawr123 says:

    When the guy in the back said, “throw me some simoleons!” I thought he
    said, “throw me some Somalians!”

  34. Aya Lotus says:

    No sims come to my shop, ever

  35. George Beaumont says:

    but wont you need to make lots of money before starting a business when you
    need the money now

  36. Photography&Horror. says:

    We can make our own goth sims though.

  37. Noah Connell says:

    That laugh! Haha

  38. Julia Saab says:

    So is this going to be available on disk? PLEASE SAY YES

  39. LisaSmithtm says:

    too bad the Goth family lives in Sunset Valley.

  40. ❤Miss.Xiuney❤ says:

    I agree so much!!!

  41. BurnGuard says:

    It rly sucks that they didn’t just make a “open for business” – pack for
    the Sims 3. You can’t lock doors or hire people, .. This is why I started
    playing Sims 2 again.. I hope they’ll do a OFB-pack for Sims 4!

  42. ❤Miss.Xiuney❤ says:

    you have to update your game and when you move press more to another town 🙂

  43. Alexial Wolf says:

    Thank you so much for this little tutorial ^^ I’m REALLY looking forward to
    playing this 😀

  44. Midnightsimmer says:

    This with Supernatural will go WONDERFUL! I was a bit disappointed with
    moonlight falls the town with supernatural because it was not Gothic and
    dark.. But this town is going to be AMAZING!!!!

  45. E sah li cious says:

    Ahh I cannot wait!

  46. ChickenEggz says:

    Too bad you have to pay 20 bucks to get this, as you can’t buy it without
    buying Midnight Hollow, too.

    Expansion Packs, Stuff Packs, Micro Transactions, come on EA, throw us a
    bone for once. GTAV sold more than 11 million copies in just a week on the
    market. Well over a billion dollars. Can EA do that without making an
    over-abundance of DLC? I could understand if the DLC added something that
    was requested later, but EA was fully capable of adding all of this stuff
    in the game before releasing it.

  47. Amy Villarreal says:

    where is the register under in buy mode?

  48. theoriginalanimeker says:

    Lisa’s laugh is sooooooo cute but where is the extended overview?

  49. Gypsy Sim says:

    looking forward to adding shops to my cities! =)

  50. kalvxsims says:

    check out my let’s play!

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