The Sims 3 Gameplay Demo – Midnight Hollow’s Golden Ticket Toy Shop

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50 Responses

  1. TheSims Armenia says:

    Are you ok?…Disney full of subliminal messages!and its opening road for
    antichristos and I don’t wanna to play the sims with sublimes!!!!!!

  2. Janey Nisperos says:

    why is this venue so dark? not all of us are fans of the goth stuff you

  3. Sam Bruce says:

    more more more more more

  4. Anita Daniel Fernandes says:

    Open for business: best expansion ever \o/

  5. SuperSmiley1981 says:

    I totally agree!! I want to buy to buy it now!! Ten play mats are for the
    newborns?? I wanna see more!!!!

  6. fayenyay says:

    Will it be store

  7. Alvargon says:

    Why this is not an accesory expansion =d

  8. rochelimit's hangout says:

    I hope they recreate this in Sims 4, this beautiful neighborhood can only
    be matched by Sims 4 beautiful people (Sims 3 people SUCKS)

  9. pizzapie1212 says:

    Unless they get permission, that’s never gonna happen. And the chances of
    them getting permission are extremely low.. it’d be too costly.

  10. Huckool Photography Productions says:

    EA and Disney are two major corporations, likely in competition with each
    other in some ways (I don’t know who develops Disney’s games), but if it
    were Maxis, I feel they’d come out on the losing end up they partnered with

  11. Wolf King says:

    cant wait to make my old man toy maker to make all the kids happy in my town

  12. Cici Williams says:

    That’s funny that they broke up the live broadcast into several parts
    instead. saves a lot of time if you ask me.

  13. Jerald Lee says:

    Where is the whole live broadcast? Please upload it soon.

  14. Photography&Horror. says:

    Why is the broadcast video marked private? I want to watch it..

  15. ianthe99 says:

    LOVE IT! I love that it’s darker for those of us goth-y type people that
    play.. I also love the Willy Wonka references.. (golden ticket, and the toy
    making machine kind of reminds me of the everlasting gobstopper machine in
    the original movie!)

  16. freakinbunny says:

    I thought they would post new stuff now replay in sections :/

  17. Sarahjordan Jean says:

    100 comment

  18. KiiriamLove Movietstarplanet says:

    cann you please make a preview

  19. SavvyandRsizzleTV says:

    Some bugs are from custom content and using cheat codes,

  20. Photography&Horror. says:

    Thanks :’)

  21. tvalleyhigh says:

    I think it looks cool. Come check out my channel for a sims 3 LP. Thanx

  22. gunter penguin says:

    sims 2 music at the end ah memories

  23. TinyCupcakes12 says:


  24. kalvxsims says:

    so excited for this. 😀 check out my let’s play if you want!

  25. Sabrina m says:

    Good point, i just think having a theme park or cute disney toys for kids
    would be kind of cool.

  26. SuperPicklelover101 says:

    Gosh I want Midnight Hollow SO BAD!!!!!

  27. FaithCantFall says:


  28. Sam Bruce says:

    mortimer looks asian

  29. Byron Lee says:

    i think this will go perfect with ambitions. seriouslt, you can now sell
    your own hand crafted goodies??!!

  30. ButterflyRose. says:

    DISNEY PRINCESS EDITION! Sorry, I’m a big kid at heart xD

  31. allebasiJay says:

    that would be really cool! But thats if Disney would want to put their
    brand on a game that has sexual situations lol. But if they were that would
    be awesome!

  32. cutie16122002 says:

    u shud like it! (ur profile picture)

  33. Yorwos Mogkal says:

    It would be intresting but if disney and ea made a stuff pack together it
    would propably cost 200$

  34. Maja Randjelovic says:

    can someone tell me is this expansion or extra stuff in sims 3? i just
    can’t seem to get it, because they said the next expansion is into the

  35. Kinqmar says:

    Please fix the bugs and glitches in the game !! ,

  36. Sugirtha Nagesu says:

    The sales clerk was really unique! XD! They come with no shirt!! hahaha!!!

  37. BookofHolyH2O says:

    don’t see the toy factory in the gold tab

  38. Phil Adams says:

    It does look creepy but of course being the sims NOTHING creepy will
    actually happen. I think the sims though would end up hanging themselves
    after enough time without sunlight. They’d turn depressed.

  39. whiteandblacktiger says:

    so excited for this

  40. UK2DMC says:

    I own the shop. To increase game performance on the lot i have removed some
    of the mirrors. Too many mirrors in one place can drop the FPS (Depending
    on what graphics settings you choose) . Optimal install 1 -2 mirrors on
    each floor!

  41. Tusumia says:

    completely i just had that problem a few days ago then i had to look
    through all the things to see what was messin up

  42. TinyCupcakes12 says:

    This is so cool?

  43. Ezequiel Ruiz says:

    Sims Making Magic / Magia Potagia ! :’)

  44. Shadowbolt232 says:

    I don’t want the town, just his lot

  45. Joshua Nicholas says:

    Open for business YAAaaaasssssssss

  46. Mr. Rawbawto says:


  47. Hazel Styles says:

    I wouldn’t buy it if Disney was involved :/ Idk, I just think Sims is
    unique and if Disney comes in… it’s just not good! To ME! That’s only my

  48. LuckyDMojo says:

    That’s what I was thinking :L

  49. WolfMaster656 says:

    I want this town but at the same time I dont. I dont want to get it and its
    not what I thought it would be like with Lunar Lakes. :/

  50. Jenna Bell says:

    maybe they screwed up again and had to edit out some swearing. I don’t
    think I’ve seen a Sims Live Broadcast go completely smoothly!

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