The Sims 3 Demonic Powers “MOD”

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20 Responses

  1. conor rooney says:

    Wow awesome! :D

  2. AppleAddicted Wattpad says:

    Yay! Im going to download it right away! :)

  3. Musachefairyluv says:

    awesome mod 😀 glad you made this

  4. LyokoDoReMi says:

    I love your mods so much. Is it possible/would it be too hard to make
    versions where you can choose whether you want to kill them or not? It’s
    fine if you can’t :)

  5. Lukas Brazdeikis says:

    You should make an machima from it :)

  6. tHeCrAfTiNgTuRtLe says:

    Yay I can kill all the boyz that cheated on my sim (my sims gay 😛 lol)
    This is an awsome mod

  7. Mandy Engler says:

    I love the mods you make. The passion and Romance, the Violence and
    Aggression, and Awkward Moments and Humiliations is one of my favorite ones
    I find it funny to make the Sims snap their own necks.

  8. Lilyan Rose says:

    Just fucking fabulous, can’t wait to use it.

  9. Tatii Ossa says:


  10. Blitz Knight says:


  11. WhiteOreoCookiez says:

    So cool! My sim can finally get revenge on Christopher Steel >:D who was in
    the vid actually xD
    He rejected my sim. After all she’s been through too get a boyfriend…

    This mod is awesome! Especially seeing the sneak peeks in your MMC lp. :)

  12. Stacia Anderson says:

    Time for some evil vamps and witches…

  13. RaynbowSim says:

    Looks awesome 🙂 

  14. Enjalou says:

    That’s so great,thank you for this mod and the others too! do you think you
    could manage a parent-toddler mod soon? or anytime in the future? with some
    cute animations,like breastfeeding and other stuff ?:) thank you

  15. XoiRiot says:

    This is terrifying….. I love it

  16. Brenda Lavoieri says:

    HAHAH, this is amazing and so funny 🙂 I have to try in my game! thanks!

  17. Isolla M says:

    Soooo awesome! Can’t wait to download it and use it on my sims…. waaa

  18. Dramatic-Gamer says:

    +arrowlaylowpepper +LaMysticalBellaGoonju +Lilyan Rose +conor rooney +Blitz
    Knight +Musachefairyluv +tHeCrAfTiNgTuRtLe +WhiteOreoCookiez +SuperSaber4 +
    RaynbowSim +Isolla M Thank You all , I’m so glad You loved the mod , & I
    hope You’ll have alot of fun with it , You guys are amazing & Your comments
    mean alot to me , I love You all ♥

  19. Dramatic-Gamer says:

    Who’s going to be Your first victim ? , I Love You All ♥

  20. Karly Skellington says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! 😀 *Thank you Luke* ♥

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