The Sims 3 — 12 Days of Simsmas

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50 Responses

  1. Bre Charest says:

    That was beautiful.

  2. George Milewicz says:

    Why do I still find myself coming back to this song

  3. Greta Hougan says:

    beautiful marvelous good job on this

  4. steve wall says:

    Imagine if the last one at the end was ‘And one new game for the Sims 3’
    that would be so awesome!

  5. queensequoyah says:

    This is the best thing oh my god ahaha


    Me love music! Tank You +TheSims 

  7. B Jones says:

    How am I just now seeing thisss?!?!!??!??! SOOO CUTEE!!! TWO PLUMBOTS
    KISSING!!! I dunno if I can even sing the twelve days of christmas anymore
    without saying seven creepers creeping.. lol!

  8. ArashiAiko says:

    Did anyone else notice the Thriller tribute at 2:05? 😀 That was just

  9. WhiteOreoCookiez says:

    Best song ever

  10. Tyler Sanchez says:
  11. FlorencekellyMSP says:

    OMG this makes me so happy and I’m still watching it in May 😀 merry
    simsmas lol

  12. TheMelon Pig says:

    Godamnit! this game is too awesome

  13. SilverBelles says:

    They could have done the Sims 3 and each EP in order…

  14. Starz50MSP says:

    It’s July and I am still playing this. :)

  15. K Marie says:

    I’m late but this video was hilarious. I love the Sims :)

  16. Skel the shapeshifter says:

    Best. Thing. EVER!!!!

  17. poni fanii says:


  18. Wollfy Oggysh says:

    This is the house from trailer TS3 seasons! (sorry for my english, i’m from
    Czech republic) :P

  19. Jadieloo4603 says:

    I have High-End Loft Stuff, Late Night, Island Paradise, Pets,
    Supernatural, University Life, and Seasons…. Now all I need is

  20. Cristina Raileanu says:
  21. Amber Rosefire says:

    Thats was beautiful I love this game

  22. Jessie Lan says:


  23. clubpenLily55555 says:


  24. WhiteOreoCookiez says:

    A Parrot
    2 Plumbots Kissing
    a portal
    3 sims sunning
    a pirate
    4 seasons
    5 sims kicking
    a pool boy
    6 horses roaming
    a poisoned apple
    7 creepers creeping
    a poodle
    8 mermaids swimming
    a potion
    9 pranksters pranking
    a punk band
    10 streakers streaking
    a pink bunny
    11 spirits ghosting
    a puppy
    12 gnomes a plenty


  25. hnter absolutin says:

    realy i do not get
    I do not get it

  26. Deniz Turk from Holland says:

    Does someone know who sang the first sentence? Cause I like his voice a

  27. Shane Dawson Fan says:

    oh the Sims 3 such a lagging game how did you make it run so smoothly with
    every ep and some store content i mean you are the creators but still how?

  28. TheLopman Lopman says:

    Omg. 3:16 LOL XD

  29. Kitty Kat says:


  30. OMITUINEN OTUS says:


  31. Pamela DeLomba says:

    Love Sims adore all had or have 1,2, 3 n Pets n pets 3 Now sims 4 I am over
    joyed lol yes! 

  32. Tsukimori Amuto says:

    Uhm sorry for being such an idiot but I’m actually new to this >< May I know how do you make such expressions on your sims and how do you hide those bars like.. the moodlet and needs bar? Please reply asap >

  33. Josef Donath says:

    This be the new Harlem Shake

  34. Chloe Bengtson says:

    In LOOOOOOVE this song!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  35. SuperHoptop1 says:

    I would love to see the grim reaper riding a horse in my game. Does any
    know what expansion pack you need to learn karate?

  36. Brooke Olson says:

    They forgot the lama!!!

  37. Sunray98Films says:

    At 2:02 is that door actually in the game? I’ve never seen it before but I
    really like it! :O

  38. Ксения Морозова says:


  39. Twins Lyrics says:

    I know the whole song now…and it’s summer. 

  40. CowGuest says:


  41. colorado1164 says:

    9 creepers twerking

  42. welshteg says:

    Great I got Pets, Supernatural, and University. Now I just need…

  43. Maalik Adams says:

    2:09 um there is the university mascot and alein a hot dog a cow plant and
    a bunny stepping on punkins

  44. Dubstep Simmer says:

    Stuck in my mind now

  45. Misty Pool says:

    Never fails to make me laugh! XD

  46. sydney baskette says:

    how do you get the fixer upper car???

  47. Knotty x Nature says:

    lmao that pirate shimmy omg hahaha

  48. Jenny Armstrong says:

    i enjoyed this video.

  49. Andrea Borserini says:

    nice and lovely song ^-^

  50. TuanyVocaloid says:

    best video ever!
    I think I actually broke the replay button XD

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