The Rumble House! [Sims 4]

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20 Responses

  1. Stas McJackoff says:

    How to become glue-man:

    1. Fill a plastic bag with liquid glue, a considerable amount
    2. Wrap your lips around the end of the bag
    3. Start breathing in and out quick, with your mouth.
    4. Let go of the bag

    Congratulations, you’ve learned how to become a hyperactive blue
    motherfucker who loves drinking and fighting in illegal scenes!

  2. Arbie8327 says:

    Aaand you gave EA money. For shame. -1

  3. Logan Benton says:

    Did grandpa just run around the block, see a black person, and turn around
    and go home?

  4. SourceRabbit0 says:

    Every time I see a man in a hotdog suit, I want to fucking destroy this
    entire planet.

    Hot dogs piss me off

  5. Enriko says:

    GlueMan looks like Markplier to me .-.

  6. OuchMaker says:

    STAR_ totally turned on the stereo and woke everyone up

  7. 49th says:


  8. Jacob Butchko says:

    So, is this game like XCOM, but for casuals?

  9. Spookwagen says:


    Make them woohoo more Jerma!

  10. Александр Улитин says:

    I don’t understand… that game… is so dumb… it just sucks, why is it
    so popular…

  11. TheDjpwn3 says:

    Why isn’t this on Steam?

  12. Sirgrammar says:

    Why does Star_ have blue hair?

  13. bedebao says:

    There are already mods for it?

  14. Nick Leong says:

    Does anyone wanna add me on steam (: _Rawrr

  15. Gill sed says:

    I can’t be the only one getting hyped to watched Star_’s Sims video

  16. MisterRane says:

    Jerma has acknowledged Stars insult of casualness, and took action by
    immediately making a sims video.


    Do I dare mention Jerma got paid to make this, and has copied GamersDissent
    and multiple other youtubers.

  17. Cheeserific says:

    I betcha a thousand bucks.

  18. Sinister Pixel says:

    I guess people stick to Glueman like glue.

  19. michael art says:

    Jerma is love is life

  20. Freddy210hill says:

    So star_ haves blue hair and he’s white one step closer.

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