The Hamburger Cake! (The Sims 4: YouTube Edition!)

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20 Responses

  1. ZeRoyalViking says:

    We’re bonding! :’)

  2. Shadowprince116 says:


  3. littleesecretss says:

    i think getting a girlfriend would be easier if you first became friends,
    then asked her out. She probably would say yes, but i’ve never played sims
    so i don’t know

  4. Aliyyah Alam says:

    Y is chilled sim so buff

  5. metamonkey92 says:

    just don’t accidental birthday someone to death

  6. JustTheRandomStuff says:

    7:10 Chilled IS at work

  7. Waldo Thegreatbananaman says:


  8. arseniccalibrator says:

    The red headed lady Chilled was talking to looked like Carolina

  9. Zith says:

    10 hours later 600 likes and 0 dislikes this series is awesome moar :D!!!

  10. Hidden says:

    9:55 Did you see me strip?
    9:58 *Wanna see it again?*

  11. Cool Nerd says:

    Laughed the entire time, Ze. Can’t wait for the next episode

  12. Rylonof Gaming says:

    Even as an A.I. Chilled managed to hijack Ze’s series.

  13. thorpe williams says:

    What happened to numbering videos ):

  14. Nick Miltner says:

    the smile on ur face when u seen ur sim and half naked chilled sittin
    together on the couch was priceless xD

  15. KyanosBFF says:

    Sim Ze reminds me of Ben Tennyson in Alien Force/Ultimate Alien

  16. KRWLNG says:

    been waiting for this all day c:

  17. Matthew Mariner says:

    I just keep staring at Ze’s beautiful ass.

  18. Rexyggor says:

    I’m tempteed to take screenshot of him being sad with the cake

  19. Oliver Surdam says:

    hitler was a okay guy

  20. Senpapisaurus says:

    Please for royalchaos. Like its so tantalizingly close to happening. Just
    let it happen. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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