The 12 Days of Simsmas – Studio Version

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50 Responses

  1. Dreamer7est says:

    You get so wrapped into this world. This has always been my outlet. Now I
    have most of my family addicted to it. Haha I want one where you can choose
    their sexual orientation. Let’s keep it more real. I thank God for giving
    ya’ll this idea. 

  2. mimscraft 3 says:

    merry late simas

  3. Patti McQuattie says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! While Simsmas is cute, let’s please remember to
    keep reverence for what this holiday is truly all about and keep Christ in
    Christmas. : )

  4. Andrew Orr says:

    Awesome! Merry Simsmas!!

  5. Gina Dipiazza says:

    cute video :D

  6. ThinkICanSing25 says:


  7. Kathy Hansen says:

    Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year

  8. KATT TOPHAT says:

    😀 this is so cool great job guys! 

  9. A. L.A. says:


  10. Mishu Neko says:

    que bonito >3<

  11. Andrea Hamilton says:

    I am getting out of school in 4 days for SUMMER vacation and I’m watching
    this. This vid rocks

  12. Sims3BrownBear says:

    cant wait for sims 4. Merry Simsmas

  13. Mark Atkinson says:

    Loved the song

  14. Amy Jones says:

    I was hoping it was going to be in simlish

  15. Shareallicu says:

    Looks like they worked hard to make this! 

  16. Itzhak Keisar says:

    I you have jews in your team – do a jewish song to!
    This song is beautiful!!

  17. Anna Leventi says:


  18. Alice Keegan says:

    I have every piece of sims 3 you can get and just to say can you sort out
    the sims what keep on getting stuck in walls please thanks xxx

  19. chada laedchitanakon says:

    merry and happy simsmas 

  20. Jodee Rebecca Davey says:

    I Love it

  21. Katie Lamb says:

    Merry simsmas

  22. andrea sanchez says:

    Im in 5th grade and because I got the biggest score in reading STAAR and
    5th place on math STAAR test and pass the science this summer I em going to
    get a laptop and all of the Sims games!!! So cool

  23. Anjosa MSP says:

    This is soooooo freaking cute!!!

  24. MelodyAGB says:

    Mermaids?! Is that a supernatural sim, or a bathing suit or from a potion??
    what is it?! I must be a mermaid!! =D

  25. Daniel Renta says:

    This is Very good 🙂 

  26. Raven J says:

    do shift control and c then type motherlode to make a lot of money

  27. Lora Crawley says:

    Love it.

  28. Jean Persinger says:

    This was Funny, thank you adn Merry Simsmas to everyone…

  29. Jas Bostrom says:

    This is so cute

  30. sweetnightingale2907 says:

    This was just too dang cute. 🙂 I don’t know how many times I watched this
    but had to come back and check it out again even though Simsmas is over.
    LOL! Great for a smile any day and a good boost when you need one. :)

  31. Shining Simmer says:

    My family is right here :*

  32. Cammerz says:

    Must be so nice to work there! 

  33. Katherine Reed says:

    I love the idea of how you used each one of the expansion packs! Everyone
    who made those sims doing those actions are very creative! Keep making
    really cool sims 3 games!

  34. steph0sims says:

    This is too cute!

  35. Goodie Woozworld says:

    Great Video!

  36. Wolf Julia says:


  37. caligirl69 says:

    Just a bunch of rich people that get to play the sims all day

  38. Aheart4sims says:

    This is adorable lol, love how sims brings the christmas spirit

  39. océane emo says:

    Merry Simsas! 🙂 

  40. iPodZeke1 says:

    Merry Simsmas everyone!

  41. Char H says:

    I wanna work in the Sims Studio…

  42. Maddy Ken says:


  43. xCane Sim says:

    Pierwszy raz od dawna widzę, że miłość do sb powraca. mam nadzieję, że
    wzajemny szacuenk i myśl o fanach uczyni 4 dobrą a nawet świetną grą.

  44. Rachel Roberts says:

    This is adorable !

  45. Stalker Wolf says:

    I like that song :)

  46. awesomeletsplays says:

    I am still watching this and u guys are amazing! Thanks for this video

  47. Aaliyah Hogan says:


  48. mastergirl922 says:

    lol I love this!!

  49. Hue Oldham says:

    better than the actual 

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