SNW at Creator’s Camp: My Family in The Sims 4!

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20 Responses

  1. KaliTheSimmer says:

    I wish I could go to Creator’s Camp 🙁 How was it?

  2. exotickitten says:

    Oh, can they use the coffee pot with a trash can in front of the counter
    it’s on? If so that’s freaking awesome!

  3. md says:

    that white outline is annoying.

  4. Monica Cherie says:

    Really nice. I love the way the boy laughs it’s super cute lol 

  5. Mathesims says:

    Can you login and out of your origin account in the sims 4?

  6. Simified says:

    I love how fluid the animations are and how quickly your Sim sat down and
    everything! So excited just for that alone LOL

  7. Carol In Neverland says:

    The kid’s voice sounds a bit weird….IDK….

  8. DallasisaLeo says:

    1:20 is where it begins.

  9. sigthor1945 says:

    Thanks for putting up the video, I can’t get enough of seeing what the game
    looks like. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what you have to show us.
    I read somewhere, I think it was on the SimsVIP website someone said that
    somewhere in the settings you can turn off the white line around the
    objects you click on. I really hope that option is there because I don’t
    like it either. 

  10. Lady Gamer says:

    Awesome!! I loved that! I can’t wait to make my babies and start building!

  11. hollisteratcali3 says:

    I love how there’s no awkward pauses or walking in circles before the sim
    sits to talk!

  12. Jose Castan says:

    You shouldn¨t speak so shy! Don´t have to be scared to do videos to your
    fans (and all the world)!!

  13. Nori S. says:

    The animations looks smooth and movement feel more natural. I LOVE that She
    sat down really quickly! replay it over and over lol

  14. simcaptivate says:

    Dat hug at the end! <3

  15. Alabout flours says:

    Its nice and all but i am NOT paying 70 dollars thats stabbing my budget in
    the stomach!

  16. Martin Jørgensen says:

    Looks good! Awaiting your articles, looking forward to learning more about
    your experiences with the game.

  17. MinicartTSR says:

    Cool! Thanks for sharing!

  18. ART girl says:

    Leuk ik hoop dat je meer van dit soort filmpjes maakt 

  19. Simlish Mork says:

    Aww, so cute and I love your kitchen!

  20. SimsNetwork says:

    Check out some gameplay of my family in The Sims 4!

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