Sims 4 worries – The Tara Show

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  1. Terril Lion says:

    “The Sims: Give us more money, to get the full game edition”. Made with
    tried and tested EA Marketing like; Remove parts of the game, day 1 DLC, No
    reviewer copies and best of all.. A buggy unfinished game release. 

  2. Holy Star says:

    Why are you guys so mean to her? She is a gamer that happens to be a model.
    So what? Is that a problem for you? I think Tara is an anwesome gamer, and
    she doesn’t deserve all that hate coming from you. I think some of you guys
    are just jealous that you are not as pretty as her. I mean, no one forces
    you to watch this.
    Tara, you rock <3

  3. Zoomin.TV Games says:

    Some comments have been removed because I just banned several people.
    Apparently replies will also disappear when I block someone. In other news,
    did you know you can download the entire ZoominTV Games crew as a Sims
    family in the Create A Sim demo? Just search for Zoomin DOT tv Games (where
    DOT is of course an actual dot …. <-- this one) - And this version is an early alpha v1 edition... I'm planning to make us all look better soon-ish. - Robert

  4. lucian juniour da silva mereuta says:

    Fuck yeah I’m first

  5. BroKickStudios says:

    what the fuck is this ! Sit and watch some girl with her tits out for 5
    minutes whilst she talks a load of crap … I got pornhub for this.

  6. Casey Boland says:

    I hate when people complain about the things theyre removing. Like
    obviously they are removing stuff, people had the exact same complaints
    when sims 3 came out. When you go from a game with 11 expansions packs to
    just a base game there are obviously going to be a lot of cuts. I have all
    the expansions and when I got a new computer the only game I had on was the
    base game and that was a really big adjustment to lose all that stuff. It
    annoys me because people are accusing EA of holding out on us when we dont
    even know what we’re getting yet. For all we know there are 90 new things
    in this game that have never been done before. Id give up pools, cars,
    illness, parties, newspapers and create a style in sims 3 if I could have
    sims 4 CAS as a replacement. In a week we’ll see and if you dont like it
    dont buy it

  7. [thr33x gaming] says:

    I agree with your opinion on EA, Tara. They’re the masters of
    compartmentalization in games. For all we know everything that’s been cut
    out of Sims 4 might actually just be being held for DLC expansions you’d
    have to pay for. Imagine the shiny new trailers they could post up.

    Brand new pools!!!

    Now with CARS!!!

    And you’d have no choice but to pony up the dough to get them. Chalk up
    another ruined EA franchise…

    (and remember it’s 3-X Gaming for when you shout me out, lol)

  8. Dan Bojer says:

    The one thing that pisses me off is that Tara is a model and she thinks
    that she is a gamer girl when she likes Mario and Legend of Zelda while
    having her tits hanging out to attract the nerdy guys that are unfortunate
    to not have a girlfriend or wife that is slim and has massive plastic tits.

  9. Yasser Abood says:

    Only came here for the boobs. Btw what is she talking about?

  10. Spartan Hunter says:

    Does she purposely have her boobs almost hanging out the front of her top
    or is it just an accident :p

  11. moneyarr says:


  12. Kirillian Amurawr says:

    Well. Thanks gods i will get a Fuck You EA Edition from pirate bay :3

    (The only game i will get from Maxis, is Spore 2… if it will ever be
    released of course…)

  13. DrNordo says:

    Twitch not owned by Google. Was bought by Amazon.

  14. Postbreaker says:

    Does she put her tits out. Just because she’s knows we won’t be looking at
    sims 4. Will be looking at them.

  15. Tara Babcock Games! (Main Channel) says:

    Why is the thumbnail SIM preggo? 

  16. Robert Emerson says:

    anybody else here for her cleavage?

  17. Isaac Gasca says:

    Real sexy gamer and what do people do? They act like jackasses. “Eww
    bewbs”, “Totally not a gamer, i bet she not even a level 100 wizard “,”She
    souod be ashamed, how dare she be confident with her body, you whore.”

    Stop complaining you assholes ,which i assume are girls that are not happt
    with themselves, guys who hate that
    girls can kick their ass, or homosexuals. This is why the gaming community
    is going to hell. Leave Britney alone….i mean Tara. 

  18. July Alvarez says:

    I’m really sorry that Tara has to read so many stupid comments. 

  19. inthera says:

    so many manchild talking about bo0bs and t1ts. please just grow up, watch
    fucking porn if you want to see those!! 

  20. The mick says:


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