Sims 4 | Why No Toddlers in The Sims 4?

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  1. Bernhardina Hörnstein says:

    Well, I totally get why people are upset about the toddler thing but… do
    not judge the game until it comes out! Perhaps you won’t really need
    toddler as a life stage? Perhaps it will all make sense after you’ve played
    the game? I think if they removed it there must have been a reason… 

  2. MissJessieR says:

    Babies had LEGS in the SIMS 2 in the sims 3 they were tacos.

  3. Jonson Jule says:

    Here’s the petition he’s talking about:
    True, it definitely won’t make much of a difference at this point, but
    hopefully it’ll show EAxis that fans are disappointed/concerned with the
    franchise and perhaps even evoke an explanation as to why TS4 continues to
    be such a letdown.

  4. HelloMeganHere says:

    Im totally tired of people complaining about this game. I’ve heard enough
    complaints and it’s getting annoying. We get it, you hate the game. Dont
    buy it then. 

  5. Lara Latte says:

    A lot of you guys sound really foolish right now saying “Ooh no toddlers in
    the Sims 4? I’m not going to buy it anymore.” For goodness sake, you
    haven’t even played the damn game yet! There WILL be toddlers in The Sims 4
    btw, EA is just going to add them again in another expansion pack.
    Seriously though, why are you guys giving up so easily? When The Sims 3
    first came out it was absolute crap, but once the expansion packs and
    custom content started to grow it got a lot more fun and interesting to
    play. You never know if that might just happen with The Sims 4… Sorry if
    this was a long comment but I had a lot to say.

  6. Hayley D. says:

    Watch when adding toddlers to the game will become an expansion pack haha

  7. KatieCupcake114 says:

    There are toddlers in sims 4. in the create a sim demo there is a toddler

  8. 70Jules says:

    Sim Guru Grant confirmed…that their will be Life Stages…Baby,
    Toddler,Child, Teenagers, young adult, adult & elders….they will be in
    the Sims 4.

  9. shelda michael says:

    ”In the sims 5 Elders are removed”

    I can see this happening

  10. cute4neko says:

    look they added ghost and will add pools on November so is not to late
    everyone they’ll do it for free please help and ask for toddlers as
    feedback to EA games because the sims 4 isn’t the sims 4 and can’t never be
    without toddlers we need them come on everyone =D, 

  11. hartage4 says:

    Remember people!!! We will always have the modding community to help with
    this kind of shit!!

  12. Insane_CandiCane says:

    Wow… I’m not suprised. I’m just bothered that in the sims 4 the mothers
    are just gonna pop out a 8 year-old kid?! WTF EA? I’m staying with the sims
    3 where the graphics are better and we have pools and toddlers and desire
    to have a normal mother pop out a normal f*cking baby.

  13. Sims3loser, The Awkward Simmer says:

    All this misinformation is really annoying.

  14. Felicia KittyPirate La Belle says:

    Goddamnit, SimGuruBill!!!! I’m coming after you, you SOB!!! D:< Anyway, I'm just so exhausted with EA... Honestly, I've been trying so damned hard to stay positive about TS4, but I just can't do it anymore. I physically can not do it anymore. The only way I could ever see myself purchasing TS4 is if it's on sale for $9.99 (like TS3 is on Steam right now). It's just not worth my money anymore. I've had $60 saved taped to my bedroom wall behind a picture frame, specifically for TS4. Now, though, I'm just going to use it to go on a shopping spree through the Steam Summer Sale. Hooray, I'm going to buy XCOM: Enemy Unkown AND the DLC! :D

  15. Chloe SimmerTV says:

    so if there’s no babies or toddlers then what happens when a sim in the
    sims 4 gives birth? do they give birth to a grown child?

  16. Jonson Jule says:

    I don’t see why people are so quick to defend EA for not including these
    features. It’s kind of like this: Say you’ve been buying the same skim milk
    from a store every other week for the past ten years. You clearly like the
    skim milk how it is, and would only want it to either stay the same or
    improve in quality. But randomly one week, you discover that the skim milk
    line has suddenly been changed to 2% milk. Okay, it’s different, not
    necessarily what you want or excited, but you let it slip by. But it gets
    worse: you find out that you now have to pay for each individual component
    of this different milk. You pay even more for the actual gallon of milk,
    but now have to purchase the cap and nutrition label separately as
    “additional content”. Why should long-time fans who have been there since
    the start supporting the franchise(and new ones as well) have to pay even
    more for poorer quality and lacking content? Clearly, +Electronic Arts is
    completely incapable of being innovative or treating the fans. But if for
    some reason +TheSims can’t possibly be made better, why make it so much

  17. Eoin Green says:

    The games were ment to progress, this isn’t progression. Please tell me if
    this is a lie about no toddlers.

  18. Robyn Rihanna Fenty says:

    In Sims 3 I used to use “Do not get older” option while playing ‘cuz they
    are so sweet and loveable at those ages! How can they lock that up!? Think
    about it: God’s making a woman to give birth to a 8 years old! You carry
    ’em for 8 years maybe more.If we think logically you’d probably die after 3
    years old or less! It’s like God lacking off (as if it’s not caring
    enough), Sims 4 creaters are doing that,shows they’re not good enough for
    this sh*t! God I’m so not gonna give my money to these bastards! I think
    they thought “Oh please they’re so gonna buy it,we gonna swim in those
    pools with our money in it that we didn’t give ’em!! Bwahahaha!”

  19. Puppyy Loverr says:

    I’m not buying Sims 4 anymore… it just doesn’t seem right though because
    if in Sims 4 a woman is pregnant are they just gonna pop out a bloody 8
    year old??!! I’m just gonna stick with Sims 3…

  20. Alexis Pestorious says:

    EA is slacking! If the wornt ready to have toddlers I would rather they
    push back the game a few more months and get it right! I don’t wanna buy an
    unfinished game! I don’t think I’m gonna waste my money on The Sims 4 until
    they add all the necessities!

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