Sims 4 Room Build: Modern Skills Room

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7 Responses

  1. BLACK2003 says:

    Really like this room!
    Deb, I think you should make house with all of the rooms that you’ve made
    since they all kind of go together and it’ll be awesome to see you change
    some things to make them fit the house!.I don’t know … Is just an idea .

  2. traedarkness says:

    The room turned out great. I like the so called wild color choices. Red &
    purple or my faves) I like how everything fits in nicely without looking
    crowded. Nice touch with the mirrors & rugs (:

  3. SimmerDeb says:

    A Modern Skills Room for your Sims! #sims4

  4. Awkwardly Meme says:

    The adults just love the clay! Sometimes its hard to have them put the dang
    thing down lol. I’m loving this room too, nice blend of color :)

  5. Debs Lindoe says:

    Love this room Deb, well done xx

  6. Little Sprite says:

    Love this room. So many fun things to do. I like the easel the best, but
    then I am an!
    I really like those tab curtains in Sims4 

  7. Ruby S says:

    Awesome room! My favourite part is the wallpaper. The red wallpaper looks
    awesome along with the blue carpet and red furniture. Can’t wait for your
    next video! :)

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