Sims 4 Pregnant Challenge – R.I.P.! (Sims 4 Let’s Play)

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20 Responses

  1. MaddiRoseCook says:

    Baby Name: Deep fried butter

  2. Maddypod says:

    playfull forskin

  3. R O'Hagan says:

    Will you reply to me on his video? Please?! Kpopp?

  4. Madison Lively says:

    Name one of the kids Trash Boat.

  5. JackLover469 says:

    Name a child vegan dick ass
    And Jimmy. 

  6. Slug Babe says:

    I say Vulva continues her mother’s legacy AND resurrect Vaggy, and the
    pregnant challenge can be Vaggy and Vulva tag-teaming the whole town. 

  7. HSquirrelMonkey says:

    Please please bring back Vaggy!!

  8. chickenchicken35 says:

    Baby names for Vaggy Sunshine or Vulva or whoever takes over:

    Queefing Beauty
    Vaggy Moonlight

    I giggled like an 11 year old when I came up with these.

  9. Kay bay says:

    What even made them die!?

  10. Thomas Gideon says:

    Age up the children and continue with them and Holio (is that how you spell

  11. iScarePros says:

    Vaggy started it, she needs to end it! Vulva smiles can take over when
    Vaggy dies.

  12. Stephanie Phan says:

    isn’t this the 8th episode?

  13. dedude808 says:

    age up Vulva. she shall be the heir!

  14. NessieNess says:

    Age her up who needs vaggy…wait HER BABY. …I just noticed ;-; poor
    child…its better than living with vaggy tho

  15. KPopp says:

    Also uploaded a bus simulator video tonight 🙂 You can find that here: Kelly’s
    Party Bus Simulator (Bus Sim 2012 Gameplay)

  16. hatusharu94 says:

    Mother daughter duo (: resurrect vaggy and age up vulva smiles and have
    them get preto together lol

  17. coolsmile2 says:

    Well the hunger games in sims 4 isn’t going to last long. They will all be
    dead within a week.

  18. Piko Kagamine says:

    Resurrect Vaggy Sunshine!

    Potential Baby Names:
    Hamburger Cake
    Dick Flap
    Cheesy Vagina

  19. Frost smoozey says:

    Let Vulva carry on the pregnant challenge.

  20. insomniackitten says:

    Making the sims be able to die of embarrassment is kind of stupid and
    unrealistic .. ..

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