Sims 4 Part 1 – Papa Smurf and Old Man Monty

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20 Responses

  1. Premenpickle says:

    Sims 4 is Complete shit, don’t know why you are doing a lets play.

    ^that’s just my opinion.

  2. Fluffy Pants says:

    lol, cool stuff

  3. aecavuS15 says:


  4. Rainbow Dash says:

    Papa Smurf? Prepare for GW copyright strike.

  5. Mark Orenchuk says:

    I wish it was that easy to find a job IRL.

  6. 11Sparky111 says:

    It looked like Papa stabbed that guy in the face for a second when he threw
    the drink. 

  7. Sobokgaming says:

    Make the takeaki

  8. darthsurya88 says:

    That was hilarious! Needed the laugh

  9. Paul K says:

    MOAR….. :D

  10. aimannorzahariwod says:

    Yo surreal bruh…. Give us like a brief review of this shiznit.

    P.s. You’re awesome as tits and deserve a fuck tonne more subs 

  11. cole siopp says:

    yes more plzz

  12. SurrealBeliefs says:

    1080p is rendering.

  13. Harry Markel says:

    Nick cage is missing, please fix

  14. Darth Panzer says:

    Papa is a friend with Zoe Quinn it looks like…

  15. DoctorWarbandHD says:

    Really nice 😛 

  16. tudor bordianu says:


  17. Fred Arppe says:

    Wow this game looks like trash, I wonder when the first $40 DLC comes out.

  18. Sam Rathbone says:

    Old Man Monty looks a little like Gary Oldman with grey hair haha

  19. Ufphen says:

    1:22 did he really just make Walter White and skip over it?

  20. SurrealBeliefs says:

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