Sims 4: New Guy In Town – Ep.1

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13 Responses

  1. Teddy McBear says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. JackNCharlie 1990 says:

    are u going to still play sims 3

  3. TheSerbKing says:

    Welcome to the start of my Sims 4 Lets play. :D

  4. MrBoycey11 says:


  5. Justin dugue says:

    Ps vita dont let u use twitch so discrimination to vita usere

  6. TheOfficialJohnDSi says:

    It has begun!

  7. jonah gillespie says:

    Serb are you still doing sims 3?

  8. Eric Jones says:

    I love you

  9. Ninjapig PlaysMC says:


  10. Ognjen Ubiparipovic says:


  11. Nozzy1110 says:

    What is your review score of this serb is it worth buying?

  12. FatimasFantasticFilms says:

    How did I not see this yesterday?! I think the motherlode cheat still works
    for this game :)The amount the game costs the bonus content should be in
    the game, LoL the early 2000’s PC Model I know that since I would play on back in 2003 xD

  13. MrBoycey11 says:

    Idk if you mentioned it but will it be daily uploads?

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