Sims 4 Livestream – GETTING THE FEMALES (Part 2/3)

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19 Responses

  1. BigzeeeN says:

    take some shrooms and play forest ill be a sub forever lol

  2. Guillermo Perez says:

    Nice one Royal, for me you uploaded it at 12:25, best time to spend an hour
    watching sims. still fun

  3. vix robinshood says:

    dude game want. gaaaaameeeee want. i cant even find my copy of sims 3 :/

  4. DJ Legend says:

    Hey im Lukaslegenda Royal is my favourite youtuber

  5. StrangerMaan says:

    Thanks for the upload

  6. PartiallyRoyal says:
  7. Heather Dobson says:

    Can you stop moving your screen all the time, it’s annoying to watch, thx!

  8. jay kay says:

    Saddest tv ever. :/

  9. Uneasiest Daisy says:
  10. Dovydas Juodvirsis says:

    Royal you are so boring to watch it seams like you don’t eavan want to make
    these videos…

  11. vix robinshood says:

    if you hack work prof. isnt that doing your job/ish?

  12. blue eagle gaming says:

    In sims you first you have to be friends then you flrit and compliment

  13. Sabrina Vega says:

    Maybe summer is a lesbian

  14. Richard Brown says:

    you gotta do crazy shit on the streams.

  15. Sabrina Vega says:


  16. Sabrina Vega says:


  17. DarkTech13 says:

    1/911 in the playlist. 911 videos.

  18. Sabrina Vega says:

    I watched this video while waiting for destiny to preorder

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