Sims 4 Gameplay: Part 2 – Seducing Sims with NO ESCAPE – LIVESTREAM

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20 Responses

  1. Ctrl Carnage says:

    Your character doesn’t look like Bill Murray he looks like Billy Mays xD 

  2. Twon Boogie says:

    you need a bigger bed lol

  3. Fina Biffen says:

    Keep do this gameplay! FUNNY! 

  4. Vlad Draghici says:

    In germany I can’t watch livestreams on youtube:|(rights issues

  5. paidthec0st says:

    Am I the only one who noticed his house is shaped like a dick? lol 

  6. Amy-Lee Angel says:

    You should marry her… invite people over and kill people in front of her
    and see if she will divorce you then kill yourself.

  7. Steven Murphy says:

    Yo Massive

  8. DcDane says:

    Please get rid of the penis house

  9. warlockc4d says:

    get to da’ choppa’ !

  10. chandler feeback says:

    Banana phone

  11. warlockc4d says:

    Massive…Duke Nuken Forever is great…how’s it online? Just dlc’d it,
    last night

  12. Console Gamer says:


  13. Steven Murphy says:

    Everything sounds good

  14. RemotePandaXD says:

    your voice combined with this game, it just doesn’t fit

  15. DcDane says:

    Does time go slower in this version

  16. MASSIVE says:

    #Sims4 Gameplay Part 2 – #LIVESTREAM Sims 4 Gameplay: Part 2 – SADISM

  17. Ram Do says:

    I came late :(

  18. Ram Do says:

    Do more dayz gameplay please

  19. Garrett LaFlamme says:

    Shout out mate

  20. Seth Harrison says:

    After hearing all the negative fan reaction (before the game came out) I
    had decided not to bother with this, but watching this video has turned me

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