Sims 4 Gameplay: Part 1 – Creating Sims, Buildin’ Houses – LIVESTREAM

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20 Responses

  1. hunter elmore says:

    Can you say hunter

  2. Mr.Milkshakes says:


  3. THEZACK1299 says:

    Nooioo i just joined

  4. Rainier Barfield says:


  5. Buzzy Awesome says:

    bye awesome man with sexy voice

  6. Buzzy Awesome says:

    there in the trailers and stuff

  7. MASSIVE says:

    We fixed #TheSims4 it doesn’t play well with x64! #Livestream now live Sims
    4 Gameplay: Part 1 – SADISM SIMULATOR 2014 – LIVESTREAM

  8. forestwolves says:


  9. jmayday says:


  10. MASSIVE says:

    JOIN US for the MIDNIGHT LAUNCH! #Sims4 #Livestream – SADISM SIMULATOR 2014 Sims
    4 Gameplay: Part 1 – SADISM SIMULATOR 2014 – LIVESTREAM

  11. Savage Oblock says:

    Say hi please 

  12. Malachi G says:

    Can I be your friend on xbox live love your videos my Xbox live is

  13. Corky Boot says:

    It’s okay, stream is starting right back up.

  14. josh curtis says:


  15. MASSIVE says:

    YT 2 hour limit

  16. hunter elmore says:

    Hello is it live

  17. Mr.Milkshakes says:


  18. Rainier Barfield says:

    Yeah jj

  19. AppleGames says:

    Your commentary with this is funny as shit!

  20. Gabor Komor says:

    huuuge disappointment that you play this shit man, omg

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