Sims 4 – Easy Build Mode! Pre-Made Room Home! (Sims 4 Build a House!)

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  1. Tia Rempel says:

    Kinda weird and odd to ask but are you still gonna play the sims 3? .__.

  2. RockyR4ccoon HD says:

    dont call me immature but your house looked liked a penis xD

  3. Sabrina Suminski says:

    parents wouldn’t let me get sims 4 so I ate my moms chocolate bar


    Do you need a really good pc for this game?
    I have been playing sims since 2 and they have been great but this one isnt
    on consoles :/
    Someone please answer

  5. KPopp says:


  6. Dylan Pierce says:

    You made the house look like a penis at the start of the video. :P

  7. Bogdan Lytvynenko says:

    Kelly, where is TWD? :(

  8. Yasmine Yussuf says:

    So Are you gonna spam us tonight?? Are you? Ahhhhhh! Are you?

  9. Thalia Irwin says:

    Not trying to hate, but seriously they sponsored the one YouTuber involved
    with sims who spoke out honestly about the bs. I don’t blame Kelly for
    this, I mean, take any money you can get from those a-holes. But still,
    this was a douchey move. Sponsor the honest person, while the people who
    spread your bs of “it’s such a good game, you won’t even miss an entire
    life stage or the ability to change color!” got no sponsorships, all they
    got is some of them got to have the game 2 days early. To me, this feels
    like silencing negative opinions.
    And no, I won’t be buying the game, even though I loved the series, because
    I can’t. Because they decided that they “aren’t focusing on platforms but
    PC at the moment” well fuck you ea, based on the other setbacks, seems like
    you should have hired double the development team, and pushed the release
    date. But not even giving an idea to your many, many mac users? That’s just

  10. GamerGirlOfGotham says:

    Honestly the sponsoring doesn’t bother me I’m just grateful you’re upfront
    and told us that’s the case. What’s kinda skeevy is when youtubers cover
    something that’s sponsoring them and then don’t say that’s the case. Thank
    you Kelly <3

  11. TheSillyPotato says:


  12. icywind rocksmash says:

    How much is the game $

  13. JanelleTV says:

    I love being Early..Cause maybe the youtubers will actually reply..

  14. THEJAYMAN212 says:

    When does this game release ? it just says I can pre order now.

  15. KPopp says:

    Next Video: Sims 4 Pregnant Challenge! Born in the Sims 3 Pregnant
    Challenge, Vaggy Sunshine KPopp will carry on the legacy!

  16. Erica Wallbank says:

    Just curious would it run well with Apple Mac?

    Ps. Love the vids x

  17. Hanah599 says:

    Is there a way to get build a house version only? Or to get a free train
    of the game? Or get the game for free (be gifted by Origin) ? Any info
    would be helpful.

  18. videogmer227 says:

    does it run well on windows 8?

  19. KPopp says:


  20. LucyFortuneMakeup says:

    Kelly, this is why you are one of my fave YT’s for games. You declared the
    fact that you are sponsored unlike some other simmers.
    Lets face it, you will probably give the most honest review out of anyone
    and you still honestly declare the sponsorship. That is just a mega thumbs
    up from me. 🙂 x

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