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  1. huzi909 says:


  2. wcwc57 says:

    How much does ea pay you im order to completely sell out and say nice
    things about these bugs

  3. MRCODGeekful says:

    The game is not out is it?

  4. TheThegamer321 says:

    First?? :)

  5. silentc0re says:

    [NEW VIDEO] A demon baby has been found in #thesims4!

  6. WiiOwnz11 says:

    can sims kill eachother?

  7. WiiOwnz11 says:

    shit vid btw

  8. HackurServ says:

    “Welcome to another Sims 3 Video” 

  9. dozerdayne says:

    how much does this game cost, and what does it take to run on my pc?

  10. ElizaR WolfWintterAJ says:

    the thumbnail freaking the hell out of me =D

  11. Yousef Sharif says:

    I wish you could play Runescape again, I loved your Runescape videos and
    that was the reason I subscribed to you.

  12. xlegeendz1337 says:

    i didn’t came here by runescape or anything found your channel few months
    ago and i liked it but i hate also in the gta glitches you do like these
    things from (in this vid) 0:25 – 034 why do you say those things no wonder
    you got to play it and no real reviewers or youtubers because they would
    have been to critical the sims 4 is shit did you sign a nice deal with ea

  13. Katie Boyle says:

    PLEASE do another build mode video!!! That my favourite part of the Sims
    and I really want to know how it works and how expensive everything is

  14. Connor Napier says:


  15. Skylar Winsor says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with the freakingg creepy baby. 

  16. Steel Titan says:

    Grats on that cooking level. Let’s race to 200m.

  17. Tybug112 says:

    Rise to Riches LP

  18. za0000222 says:


  19. Firebolt4848 says:

    Lol, scary as he’ll demon baby XD

  20. dojobeast94 says:


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