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20 Responses

  1. nature paw says:

    Can someone help me two 600+ sub if you want I’ll sub back!

  2. Chris Scano says:


  3. H And B Rays says:

    Aha! Love you so much Snake and how much does Sims 4 cost?

  4. Adelle Harbin says:

    I really like this series

  5. Minion Mads says:

    More more more more more more more and guess what more!

  6. pretty1733 says:

    Carry it on!

  7. Shanz ladd says:

    Carry on! Do face cam if you can please

  8. The lazy sword says:

    I’m early whaaaahey

  9. Cat In A Onesie says:

    Help me! Can anyone answer these questions?

    How much is sims 4 in UK pounds?
    Is it better than sims 3 with controls and all ‘dat?
    Nerd alert Lol
    How much ram it need?
    Is it disc or download?
    How many mgbytes is it?
    Is it laggy on windows 7?
    Try to y’all kids

  10. Cookie Crazy says:

    +SnakeDoctorChannel this was a really great video amd I think that you
    should do more and make this a lets play thankyou for making
    My day (even though I’m about to go to bed)

  11. Crazycreeper777 says:

    Do sims with face am plz

  12. Ulises Antonio says:

    You not green are you

  13. PixelGirlYT says:

    Do more sims plz!

  14. Canadian Kitty says:

    Love the Sims!!!!!

  15. felicity crampton says:

    271 views I am early

  16. pretty1733 says:

    3:27 LOL

  17. LilyRebell says:

    Snake you should totally continue this series! It’s awesome! I like your
    videos. I’m not sure how much of what I comment you actually read, since
    it seems like no one really notices me, but I hope you at least know that I
    really like you as a YouTuber. I think you’re awesome and you should watch
    Doctor Who if you’re a geek, and if you do, do a vlog or something telling
    us other geeks who is your favourite Doctor, your favourite companion, and
    other stuff like that. I’m trying to get someone to do that, and maybe you
    will. :)

  18. MC Unicorns says:

    Yes. Carry on series

  19. Ben Bentley says:

    Do it

  20. SnakeDoctorChannel says:

    [NEW VIDEO] Welcome to my first proper Sims 4 video. I attempt to create a
    “lifelike” facsimile of me – kind of!

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