Sims 4 “Create a Sim” Demo – Meet Freak O’Nature (with DoctorCr33p3r)

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20 Responses

  1. Richard Mccane Jr. says:

    Kinda looks like my mom lol

  2. Minecraft Noobie says:

    He looks likeDr. Doofinshmerts form Phinias and Ferb

  3. Youhavebeenpuffed ! says:

    It seemed like doctor creeper didn’t have much of a choice in this video

  4. Squrill Plays says:

    Under 301

  5. Emma Squire says:

    Giggie giggie goo!


    I’m under 301 club woooooooooooooo

  7. -TheZacAttack- says:

    Why do loads of snakes vids stay on 301 views for ages?

  8. Seth Bridges says:

    Awesome vid

  9. Daisy Dobson says:

    GO SNAKE! You can get 80,000 subs!!!!!!

  10. Molly Davidman says:

    The first hair do makes him look like imad Shumpert 

  11. lewis thomson says:

    Phenomenal banterrr

  12. Christopher Noorani says:

    Snake you should do a series like Finnball does with his son. Where he
    plays against him in many different games like Halo. 

  13. Hillary Hays says:

    Are there any very long hairstyles for men? I hope so! And it’s 11 days and
    counting – I’m sooo excited – and I’m OLD O.o

  14. nina redfern says:


  15. SnakeDoctorChannel says:

    [NEW VIDEO] After creating my “likeness” in the first video, I decided to
    create someone more freakish! Enjoy!

  16. Zoe Seagle says:

    Lol his bedtime wear tho LOL!!

  17. Destiny Reynders says:

    Is doctorcr33p3r snakedoctors son 

  18. Beth Tester says:

    He looks like a pink harired chimp

  19. Finn Madden says:

    Somebody get that chap off the steroids!

  20. Karen Sainthouse says:

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