Sims 4: Crashing A Picnic & Bruno The Hobo

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6 Responses

  1. JackNCharlie 1990 says:

    i love your vids

  2. Mikel Pickle says:

    Upload these more often

  3. FatimasFantasticFilms says:

    Picnic crasher xD lol hotdog stealer O_O When I was 4 I was chased by a
    damn pig at a fair I cried and ran….. Thinking about it you have similar
    features as Todd Haberkorn ( he’s the best English anime voice actor )

  4. TheBatCave says:

    heres a good rule for you.Dont stream a game in less you have uploaded all
    the videos up to date 

  5. TheBatCave says:

    Eating a hot dog perfectly, meeting a hobo and sims

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